The Second Annual Eurasian Sport Industry Conference


Recently, the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games has entered into its 100-days countdown, participants are coming from all over the world to witness this mind-blowing sport mega-event in Beijing. Just a while ago, China's LPL team EDG eSports Club won the League of Legends S11 Global Finals which was widely celebrated in a feverish manner on social media. It was a night of dreams for the younger generations and a sign of the huge business potential still hidden in the ever-expanding fields of the sports industry.

As an industrial pacesetter, emlyon business school has joined hands with China’s top sport academy - Beijing Sport University to launch the Second Annual Eurasian Sport Industry Conference - Staging and Evaluating Sports Mega-Events, which will be held online on December 2, 2021.

The Eurasian landmass is home to around 75% of the world’s population, and consists of countries such as China, India, Saudi Arabia, France and Great Britain. Such countries either consistently record strong economic growth figures or else play a prominent role in shaping industrial activity. They are also major investors in sport, hosts of major sporting events or the location of some of the world’s most valuable sports properties. It is in this context that the inaugural Eurasian Sport Industry Conference is being proposed and will invite experts and scholars from all over the world to help you develop an in-depth knowledge of the market structure and business prospects of sports industry in Eurasia from multi-dimensional perspectives.

The First Annual Eurasian Sport Industry Conference - A New Frontier - The Business and Management of Sport in Eurasia, was a success widely praised by the industry, the event attracting more than a thousand participants and well-known media. This was thanks to experts and scholars from Eurasian countries who conducted in-depth exchanges on cutting-edge topics such as digital empowerment in sport and development of the Eurasian sports industry during the pandemic. These, provided a strong boost in promoting the sustainable development in the sport industry.

Date: 2021.12.2

Location: Zoom Webinar

Language: English

Event Highlights

In this conference, we are honored to invite experts from the General Administration of Sports of China, Tsinghua University Sports Department, Renmin University of China, Paris-Saclay University, UK Open University, Beijing Sport University, emlyon business school Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry and other top academic institutions. They join us to discuss about sports business, sponsorship, politics, ecology, career development and the new challenges faced by the sport industry under the era of uncertainty and COVID-19.

The conference will be underpinned by the following key research questions:

  • When bidding to host sport mega-events, what factors do potential host nations consider when preparing a bid?
  • In the period between winning an event and the event being staged, what are the biggest challenges a host nation faces and how are these challenges most effectively addressed?
  • In seeking to deliver a successful event, what must a host do?
  • How should the effectiveness of an event be evaluated, especially as it pertains to legacy?
  • What lessons do international events provide for those seeking to build better insights into the staging and evaluation of events?

About CESI

The Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry (CESI) is a leading institution in the field of sport, and is engaged in the delivery of cutting-edge research, impact and education. Based in Shanghai, the centre operates across emlyon business school’s campuses in Paris, Lyon, Saint Etienne, Bhubaneswar and Casablanca. We have a particular expertise in European and Asian sport, as well as in the fields of experiences, talent, performance, digitalisation and globalisation.

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