Wenxuan Ding
Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics
Deputy Director of Business Intelligence Center (BIC), emlyon business school
DBA Advisor at emlyon business school
Visiting professor at Asia Europe Business School

Dr. Ding received Ph.D in Cognitive Science and Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

She is a Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics, Member of Scientific Commission, and Deputy Director of Global Business Intelligence Center, emlyon business school, France.

She is also a Visiting Professor at Asia Europe Business School of East China Normal University, China.

She conducts frontier basic AI theoretical and empirical research, including mechanisms of human and machine cognition and intelligence generation, and their applications in business analytics, responsible artificial intelligence, risk and decision-making, healthcare, digital marketing, and digital innovation.

Research articles have appeared at various top-tier academic journals and top-tier international conferences on computer sciences.  Received outstanding contribution award for undergraduate/graduate program, emlyon business school, 2021.

Recent Invited Talks and Research Publications:

  • Invited talk: “Online Participation Inequality”, Stanford University, USA, Sep 2023.
  • Invited talk: “Generative AI: Models, Creation, and Advanced Empowerment”, the 3rd Forum on Scientific Innovation and Business Education in China Higher Education, Shanghai, Sep, 2023.
  • Talking with CFO of iFeng/ Phenix:“ChatGPT and Investment Decision”, Scientific Frontier program凤凰卫视、凤凰网、凤凰财经. Feb 2023。
  • Global Media Coverage – “Why this investor believes US-developed ChatGPT could a gold rush for Chinese firms able to turn ideas into products.” Sur Scmp, France, March 2023
  • “Implicit Cognition and Understanding Unobserved Human Mind States by Machines”, Top tier AI conference. Springer Nature, 2021
  • “From Cultural Entrepreneurship to Economic Entrepreneurship in Cultural Industries: The Role of Digital Serialization,” Journal of Business Venturing, 36(6). 2022
  • “Speaking vs. Listening: Balancing Conversation Attributes of Voice Assistants for Better Voice Marketing,” International Journal of Research in Marketing. 2023

PhD in Cognitive Science and Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

  • Frontier basic AI theory: brain cognition and machine intelligence, creation.
  • AI Applications: human-computer interaction, business analytics, responsible AI, AI for digital entrepreneurship, risk and decision-making, smart healthcare.

PhD Quantitative Research Methods,

AI Frontier for Management Science,

AI Principle and Methods,

Responsible Artificial Intelligence,

Smart Healthcare,

Bias and Discrimination in AI,

AI for Business Decision Making,

AI for Automotive Technology,

Digital Ecosystem,

Thinking in Data and AI,

Management Information Systems,

AI Empowered Digital Transformation,

AI and Innovative Leadership

Data and Content Analysis

College Computers