Catherine PARDO
Professor of Market and Innovation
DBA Advisor at emlyon business school

Dr. Pardo is Professor of Marketing at emlyon business school. Her research activities focus mainly on B2B marketing and, more generally, how organizations manage their exchanges of products and services, in particular when their customers are "key accounts". Her work has been published in leading marketing journals, including Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing etc. She is also the author of four marketing books. Dr. Pardo teaches B2B Marketing, Key Account Management, Customer Portfolio Management, and Marketing Management in MSc, MBA and EMBA programmes.

  • 2006 : Accreditation to supervise research in Management (HDR)
  • 2000 : PhD in Management
  • 1994 : Master degree (DEA) in Management
  • 1989 : ESC Lyon degree
  • B2B marketing
  • Key account management
  • Inter-company intermediation
  • B2B marketing organisations
  • B2B Marketing (M.Sc. programme)
  • Key Account Management (M.Sc. programme)
  • Customer Portfolio Management (M.Sc., M.S. and EMBA programmes)
  • Introduction to Marketing (PGM and DUA programmes)