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Why DBA and Research?

Outstanding entrepreneurs and executives who are strategizing in the business world are passionate about their careers, full of love for life and ambitious in future. With the studies in MBA and EMBA programs, they have completed the transformation in knowledge, career and even a better life. However, such transformation has also made them realize that personal growth is endless: the pursuit of a new height in career, the exploration of new insights and the methodological compilation of their business experience and expertise through research, which will be extended to more organizations, industries and markets.

Research oriented, a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program becomes one of the paths that today's entrepreneurs and senior executives take to improve their business intelligence. This choice also opens another important gate to their value realization in the next stage of their lives.

Why did current emlyon Global DBA participants choose this Program?Let’s listen to their voice.

The enrollment in a DBA program means that you are at the top of the business management knowledge chain, where we can find systematic solutions to concerns and problems, use knowledge and ideas to influence more people, and use research to transform more ideas and practices, while the people we influence will create further influence and iterate knowledge and theories in a diffusible yet unpredictable way.

DBA? PhD?  Post-EMBA?

Now that we choose to move forward, keep learning and become researchers, which path shall we take:

PhD or DBA?

Ms.Ying ZHAO
Chief Editor of WhichMBA.net

boasts decades of experience in the world of business schools. The Top DBA Program Guide in China compiled by Ying outlines the development status and market structure of the DBA programs and provides a comprehensive analysis on the perspectives of DBA curriculum, DBA participants’ profiles and DBAers career development.

Before answering the question, Ms. Zhao shared with us a few keywords:

  • PhD keywords: full-time research, focusing on theoretical innovation
  • Post-EMBA keywords: knowledge transfer, general education and less fostering of research capabilities
  • DBA keywords: industry issues, systematic methodology, academic research, new knowledge and theoretical system of management, industry leader with spirit of scholar

When faced with a highly uncertain future, past management experience is often not systematic enough to make strategic decisions critical to the future. Therefore, for most executives, a specialized Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program is the best solution.

A DBA program focuses on real-world problems and concerns in management and seeks answers through systematical methodology. This is the only way for future executives and business elites and makes more sense for personal cognitive development and future society. This journey will eventually transform an industry expert to an industry leader-scholar.

How about DBA learning experience ?

Ying ZHAO has never stopped her pace of learning. In addition to an expert in the field of education, she is a female DBA who has a passion for academic research and pursues the exploration and dissemination of knowledge. For her, it is not an easy task to drop all the work and concentrate on study. Therefore, compared with a full-time PhD program, a part-time DBA program better helps her truly evolve from a local professional to an expert with academic influence and international vision.

Dealing with daily work and studying at DBA at the same time creates a process of continuous learning and accumulation. When all the courses are completed, and the thesis is finalized, the feeling of fulfillment and achievement is unmatched by any other project. During the program, you will experience a life totally different from others. Such spiritual pursuit conveys wealth and gains in its own.

| Ying ZHAO |

Ying ZHAO pointed out that after taking emlyon Global DBA, she found that she was surrounded by all kinds of diligent business leaders, while continuous learning is their common trait. Among numerous DBA programs, she picked up the right one for her, which she thought was fortunate and delightful. DBA participants are not only industry leaders but also partners in the DBA journey. By exploring practices and cutting-edge knowledge in the Global DBA Program, they join hands in creating insights that benefit their own sectors and beyond.

Through joint efforts with her tutor, we believe that in the future Ying ZHAO will be able to integrate her management experience with academic research to make greater contributions in the field of education. This is not a dream, because she is already on the way.

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