2018 emlyon Beijing Annual Gala Successfully Held


Here in Beijing, emlyon business school held its 2018 Beijing Annual Gala that perfectly integrates Chinese traditional elements with French fashion trends, bringing participants unique and unforgettable memories.

On December 21, 2018, emlyon business school held its 2018 Beijing Gala themed with “Inspire the early maker of the future” in Haidian District, a well-known university town in Beijing.

Over 250 guests from across the globe attended the gala, including faculties, students, alumni and partners of emlyon business school, as well as distinguished guests from School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and College of Management of Beijing Sport University, France and Belgium Branch of Western Returned Scholars Association.

We’ll usher in the 55th anniversary of establishment of China-France diplomatic relations in 2019. China and France have established and kept deepening long-standing friendship and cooperation in education, cultural exchange and many other fields over time. Last year, emlyon business school made remarkable achievements in cooperation and cultural exchange between China and France inspired by its early maker spirit.

“With a global, digital and AI-oriented vision, emlyon business school established the emlyon Institute for AI in Management and launched the Digital Marketing & Data Science Master Program in 2018, which will further strengthen our overall capacity in industry-university-research cooperation and help us develop students’ digital skills so that they can tackle varieties of challenges wherever they are. We’ve also offered the Health Industry Digital Management Master Program and International Precision Medicine Leadership Program considering diversified demands of the continuously innovated health industry. Under this context, early makers should be vision-oriented, further broaden our horizons, strive to be innovative professionals boosting the economic development of China and become creators of new business patterns by blending the concepts and ideas, in both culture and business, between the East and the West.” said Professor William Hua WANG, Dean of emlyon business school Asia.

▲ Professor William Hua WANG, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, gives a welcome speech

Facing the upcoming new year, emlyon business school has further refined its strategic and teaching goals in 2023, and has been well-prepared for the establishment of emlyon business school North China Student Alumni Association in a bid to expand its global alumni network, thus giving full play to the role of its early maker spirit by “doing things together”.

Preparations for the Establishment of North China Students Alumni Association Accelerate the Expansion of Global Alumni Network

In this Internet era with mass data, what determine the influence of universities are not merely their teaching and scientific research capacities, but also the students and alumni they cultivate. Thus, the student and alumni network is a key index indicating a business school’s globalization level.

Expanding its global alumni network to North China further enriches its global alumni resources and brings more industry professionals worldwide to both China and France.

emlyon business school North China Student Alumni Association Preparation Kick-off

Faculty, alumni and student representatives extended their congratulations on the preparations for establishment of North China Students Alumni Association, including those from DBA, EMBA, EDP and undergraduate-master program of emlyon business school. At the ceremony, we also received granting videos from Fabienne Clerot, Director of Alumni Affairs of emlyon business school, alumni representative Luc Zeller, Senior Executive Director of Veolia Asia and Olivier BALEIX, Representative of CCIFC from Qingdao, who yearn for more gatherings in the future.

Professor William Hua WANG, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, delivered congratulatory speech, noting that “North China attracts scores of students and alumni from emlyon business school. It is our vision to expand our alumni network to this wonder land, so that our students and alumni here can give assistance to and share experience with each other whether in study, career or life”. Then Professor William Hua WANG announced the commencement of preparatory meeting together with other guests.

emlyon business school North China Student Alumni Association Preparation Kick-off

The 14th Gobi Challenge of emlyon business school Kicked Off

Gobi Challenge features “idea, action, perseverance and surmount”, which is a new perspective in interpreting our early marker idea in facing harsh environment and exploring the unknown world.

In May 2018, a team comprising 2 teachers and 6 students from emlyon business school completed their 4-day 13th Gobi Challenge measuring 114km, and was granted the Shackleton Award the first time they presented at the site to draw lessons. Professor Chen Junsong, Assistant Dean, Academic Director of Executive Program of emlyon business school Asia, presented early maker certificate to the team members to congratulate on their outstanding achievements, as well as conveyed his concerns and wishes. This time, the “CHUANG CACHE Team” of emlyon business school comprising over 10 members was set up at the 2018 Beijing Gala for the 14th Gobi Challenge to be started soon.

▲ Professor Chen Junsong, Assistant Dean of emlyon business school Asia, presented early maker certificate to the 13th Gobi Challenge team members


▲ “CHUANG CACHE Team” group photo

Students of Global EMBA 2017 Intake presented us a fantastic T-stage show titled “Good Times Together”, perfectly showing the cultural connotations of France as the capital of fashion.

Three group dances artistically integrated the cultural elements and trends of both China and France, including “Why Am I So Good?” by students of Global EMBA 2018 Spring Intake, “The Crossroad” by students of Global EMBA 2018 Autumn Intake, and “Modern Times” by grade 2017 GEMBA students. The song “Goodbye” brought by graduating Global EMBA 2016 Intake, left us a deep feeling and also showed us their high expectation for the future. The exciting lucky draw then put the gala to the climax.

Ms. Joanna Pan, COO of emlyon business school Asia and Operation Director of Global DBA Asia Track, invited creators of the gala to the stage. The success of the gala attributes to the hard work and dedication of our students and alumni. This is a good chance to inherit the fine tradition of emlyon business school. And all other students and alumni are expected to present us a perfect gala that absorbs the essence of both Chinese and France cultures in the coming year.

▲ The group photo of the event planners of  2018 emlyon business school Beijing Annual Gala and honor guests

When the gala drew to a successful end, Professor Tugrul ATAMER, Vice Dean of emlyon business school, delivered a closing speech. He extended the sincere gratitude to all the guests for their support and help and recognized the far-reaching significance of globalization for the education in both China and France, noting that “this is the first time for emlyon business school to hold its gala in Beijing, which indicates a solid step of emlyon business school for its coverage in Asia and China and testifies the remarkable achievements made in globalization”.

▲ Highlights of the annual gala