Let's review 2018 of the emlyon Global DBAers! (Ⅰ)

Source:Global DBADate:2019-02-15

In 2018, emlyon Global DBAers spent a fruitful and enriched year with families, friends and colleagues, and experienced an unforgettable journey of study with talented and interesting peers at emlyon business school.

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, emlyon Global DBA team wishes all faculty and participants would enjoy exceptional careers, growth opportunities, remarkable dissertations and new vitality in the upcoming new year !

Work harder and go further. In the face of 2019, let us follow the footsteps of our DBAers and look back at the past year of 2018 !

Why DBA?

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Professor William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon business school Asia pointed out that in today's fast-growing economy in Asia, it is the ultimate dream of entrepreneurs and executives with vision to settle down, bring valuable experience to the height of business intelligence and become leaders and carriers of business wisdom.

How to select DBA program?

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Enrolling in a DBA program opens an important door for entrepreneurs and executives in the process of self-improvement. Professor Junsong CHEN, Assistant Dean of emlyon business school Asia and Director of emlyon Global DBA Asia Track shares with us on how to choose a DBA program.

What does the road of study look like for DBAers who are brave enough to take up the challenges? The journey of part-time DBA is full of difficulties, joy, persistence and enlightenment. How do we grow along with way? The testimonials of emlyon Global DBA participants will tell us more…

What is the feeling of being a DBAer?

★ Building Dream | How about being a DBA?

★ Chasing Dream | The metamorphosis of being a DBA

What does taking a DBA program feel like? It is one of the most frequently asked questions in the conversations between emlyon Global DBA program and DBA candidates. Ms. Jane ZHOU, one of emlyon Global DBA participants, shared her insights on this topic. Following Jane’s story of academic research during the Program, we find out how she figured out the best learning methods, how she carried out her dissertation project, how she made gratifying progress and how she perceived her transformation.

What do I get from persuing the DBA?

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Time flies and a decade rushes like clouds. A decision made ten years ago probably changed your trajectory of life. Today, how will a decision change our lives in the next decade? Ms.Yi WU, emlyon Global DBA 2018 participant, shared her response to the years from 2008 to 2018.

The best leaders are both scholar-leaders and pragmatic scholars, both strategic entrepreneurs and team-oriented leaders, and both experienced businessmen and disseminators of knowledge.

However, there is a gap between an outstanding executives and an excellent scholar. On this path, there may be no flowers or applauses, only countless moments of late-night debates between you and top scholars in your domain. There are only times of persistence, exploration, verification, negation and denial.

What courses are offered by DBA?

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Hemingway says, “Paris is a moveable feast.” If you are lucky enough to live in Paris once, she is with you in the rest of your life, no matter where you go.

In May 2018, emlyon Global DBA 2018 participants visited the romantic city of Paris and opened a new journey of knowledge at emlyon business school(Paris Campus). To these participants, four days of rigorous workshops were more like a spiritual feast of knowledge and mind. In the future, we will go hand in hand, encourage each other, and enjoy this wonderful journey of life side by side!

How can DBA transform your second life?

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Passion, excitement and cheers were the hottest memories in the summer of 2018. During the wonderful "Summer of France", emlyon Global DBA participants turned the delights on the green field into an infinite power to pursue business intelligence.

On July 13th-14th, the workshop of Qualitative Research Methodology of emlyon Global DBA Program was held at emlyon business school Asia Campus. During these two days, our DBA participants were incidentally dressed in blue, white and red, injecting a profound French style to the classroom. Bathed in freedom, equality and fraternity, they really enjoyed the power of knowledge absorption.

The year of 2018 has passed by us. For emlyon Global DBA participants, the next episode of a brilliant life is revealed after prior accomplishments. The enrollment in this DBA program is an important way for those with long-term vision to start building energy for the next chapters.

In 2019, every time we meet, we are all set off for a better start. We are of harmony in diversity, which further enhances our coherence. We join hands together with the power of advancement to open a new page in our lives.

We look forward to seeing you

at emlyon business school

And becoming the early makers in your world!