Let's review 2018 of the emlyon Global DBAers! (Ⅱ)

Source:Global DBADate:2019-02-15

In 2018, emlyon Global DBAers spent a fruitful and enriched year with families, friends and colleagues, and experienced an unforgettable journey of study with talented and interesting peers at emlyon business school.

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, emlyon Global DBA team wishes all faculty and participants would enjoy exceptional careers, growth opportunities, remarkable dissertations and new vitality in the upcoming new year !

Work harder and go further. In the face of 2019, let us follow the footsteps of our DBAers and look back at the past year of 2018 !The previous article of this series please click☛:Let's review 2018 of the emlyon Global DBAers! (Ⅰ)

Do you remember the first time to do presentation when you are as a DBA student?

Now you have practiced that no matter how the external environment is, can be immersed in the mood to read literature at any time.

While enjoying a refined life, they still open up new horizons in their studies. At an senior executive,you can not only explore the global operating strategy along with top experts but also think over industry practices and analytics with the attitude of scholary industry-leader of the new era.Keep asking and growing.

What is the value of DBA?

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Professor Dimitris Assimakopoulos, the founding director of Global DBA of emlyon business school and presideng of EDAMBA (European Doctoral Association in Management & Business Administration) said If a person already has an MBA or an EMBA degree, DBA degree is not necessary. However, the candidates should have this intellectual curiosity as mentioned above, to be able to do research independently, and learn how to think critically about what she or he is doing for his or her work, which is a crucial ability to have in nowadays entrepreneurs in the uncertain environment.

Why do senior executives select DBA ?

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Professor Sherriff LUK, Deputy Academic Director of Global DBA Asia Track and Global EMBA of emlyon business school pointed out that in today’s China and Asia, a number of business practices are emerging and expanding, capturing the attention of the whole world. If you want to become an industry leader and quickly respond to the changes in today's world, it is especially important for entrepreneurs and industry leaders who have more than ten or even twenty years of management experience to study the latest theoretical research results of the world and master cutting-edge research methods.

What does the road of study look like for DBAers who are brave enough to take up the challenges? The journey of part-time DBA is full of difficulties, joy, persistence and enlightenment. How do we grow along with way? The testimonials of emlyon Global DBA participants will tell us more…

What’s the difference between DBA VS EMBA/MBA ?

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Dr. Zhenkun ZHANG, Executive Vice President of Star River Group and an alumnus of Global DBA of emlyon business school believes that DBA is different from EMBA/MBA in three aspects: Academic purpose, academic depth, and the impact on enterprise operation. Other participants of emlyon Global DBA, Mrs.Xiaoming ZHANG,VP and Head of Business Development in China of Protech Pharmasevices Corporation,Mr.Ping ZHOU, Senior Vice President of Hello Banma and Mrs. Xiuping LUO, founder of Xper-Management Consulting share with us the difference between DBA and MBA/EMBA.

Why should senior executives make planning for the second life?

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A native of Guangdong Hakka and born in Malaysia, James Ng currently serves as Greater China Vice President and General Secretary. A candidate of emlyon Global DBA, his research topic is "Career and life planning of senior leaders" . He also has his 30-year career accumulation and reflection to share: Restart from the end, set goals, persist in pursuit, form an upward spiral and finally achieve the destination.

Also just like the spirit of the emlyon business school, James pays attention to the growth of entrepreneurs and the contributions of entrepreneurs from different ages and backgrounds to the society.

How can entrepreneurs generate greater social value?

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Mrs. Chuanjuan WU, Director of Supply Chain Management of Portean Electric(Tianjin) Electromechanical Co., Ltd.(Shanghai Office) and one of emlyon Global DBA 2018 partcipants, stated that the initial intention of enrolling in the Program was for the improvement of herself and other team members. In her spare time, she also co-founded Work Out Loud to encourage individuals to get more motivation and make the organization more agile, innovative and collaborative. As a theory practitioner, she is on the road!

On the way to become an industry leader, it is important to share the latest findings and industry insights on more important events for today's business executives. As a major academic support organization, emlyon business school actively faciliates more industry leaders build new theoretical vision and create more focuses critical to industry and social development.

How to combine the development practice of industry with academic research?

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On September 8, 2018, The United Auto Alumni Salon of Top-Class Business Schools in China was successfully held in Shanghai. As an academic partner, emlyon business school also took part in this event.

Mr.Ping ZHOU, a participant of emlyon Global DBA and Senior Vice President of Hello Banma, a leader in vehicle transportation, gave a keynote speech titled “From Vehicle as A Sensor to Vehicle as A Human: A New Strategic Challenge Faced by the Auto Industry”which explored the relationship between people and cars in the future from a new perspective.

Are you ready for pursuing a DBA?

Tips 1:Before starting a DBA program, it is essential to identify and establish an interesting and valuable research topic.

“Inspirations even come from palace struggling TV series!” Senior executives need to be good at thinking and refining their DBA research topics. It can be a management phenomenon facing your organization or a business concern facing the industry, or a direction that I expect to engage in or conduct theoretical research in the future, before adopting it in practice. As a professor at emlyon business school shared his experience, there are inspirations everywhere in life and practice. Even when he watched online shows about palace struggling stories, he often tended to analyze whether the characters and plots in the play could be used in his research.

Tips 2:For pursue a DBA , persistence is more important than talent!

The four-year DBA Program is a challenge of project management for executives to invest their time and energy. It's critical to keep a weekly schedule of study bit by bit. Making efforts at the last moment won’t work in this scenario.

Tips 3:The starting point of a lifelong academic career.

During emlyon Global DBA program, the participants shall not simply aim to complete the final defense of their DBA dissertations. Enrolling in a DBA program opens up the potential of an academic career in addition to one’s business professional. Prof. Yeming GONG of emlyon business school pointed out that after four years of study on research methodology, an executive will be transformed into an independent researcher, who are capable of contributing and creating new knowledge.

The year of 2018 has passed by us. For emlyon Global DBA participants, the next episode of a brilliant life is revealed after prior accomplishments. The enrollment in this DBA Project is an important way for those with long-term vision to start building energy for the next chapters.

In 2019, every time we meet, we are all set off for a better start. We are of harmony in diversity, which further enhances our coherence. We join hands together with the power of advancement to open a new page in our lives.

We look forward to seeing you

at emlyon business school

And becoming the early makers in your world !