early makers 2023: the era of joint intelligence

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2019-02-25

In September 2014, emlyon business school launched its “New Territories 2020” plan as it sought to transform the school and secure its place among the world's top business education providers. The plan focuses on three key aspects: globalization,accelerating our digital transformation, and boosting our academic, social and financial performance. The school has now added two more aspects to its ambitious plan: cultivating the early maker mindset and developing the subject of joint intelligence.

We believe, now more than ever, that we are on the right track. And there is an even more pressing need to transform the way we do things. The digital revolution is pushing us to do more to change our learning provision and our model, as we cater to new student and business needs. In January last year we launched our new plan,“early makers 2023”. The plan will shore up our position in a rapidly changing market, allowing us to take our transformation further and reach our end goal faster. The early makers strategy caters to new training needs As people learn in new ways, we are rethinking the traditional value chain of training. For students and professionals, assimilating and applying knowledge certified by a diploma or certificate is no longer enough.

The entrepreneurs of tomorrow will be visionaries, shapers of the future, with a capacity to anticipate and innovate, to experiment and to transform. It is our role to help foster that early maker mindset. Skills will be the bedrock on which we build our future success, as we rethink our conventional approach to our programs, courses and materials.

Looking to 2023, we must accept that we need to reconsider our beliefs about the role and type of qualifications, and what we know about future professions.

Fully entering the era of joint intelligence

emlyon business school connects communities of learners and change-makers across the globe, acting as a mediator between the worlds of science, engineering, humanities, art and the various business worlds. As we transform our teaching and learning provision, we will create hybrids of local and global dimensions, academic and emotional intelligence, human and artificial intelligence.

emlyon business school’s mission: employability

We develop people’s skills for them to achieve personal and professional fulfilment throughout their lives, by being influential within responsible, competitive organizations, wherever they are in the world. That means providing courses that are customizable in time and space, and harnessing our ability to connect ecosystems.

The latest Times Higher Education employability rankings show that this strategy has paid off. For the third year running, 7,000 employers and business leaders from around the world ranked us in the top 50 institutions worldwide and as France’s second-best business school.

This 2017-2018 report tells the stories of makers who have already embarked on a path towards a future that, for them and for us, is very much the present.

Bruno Bonnell

Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
emlyon business school

Bernard Belletante

Chairman of the Executive Board,
emlyon business school

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