How wonderful emlyon Global DBA is enriched with a trip to Japan

Source:Global DBADate:2019-03-13

Cross intakes research and peer discussion are the main features of Global DBAers learning process.

emlyon Global DBA participants can benefit more research hotspots in industry, research methods and norms in academia through cross intakes learning, joint discussions and interactive exchanges. Therefore, in such a frequent interaction, it is easy to collide with new sparks of learning, but also to mobilize interest in doing research and further explore.

Such interaction is not limited to doing research. For the DBAers who have physiological ideals, they can always find the inspiration to do research in the scenery of life. They can also put such research inspiration into practice and condense and sublimate into the wisdom.

On February 22, 2019, 2017 and 2018 intakes of emlyon Global DBA launched a research tour in Japan.

KEY WORDS: Cross intakes discussion, inspire wisdom, Japan trip

On February 22nd, inspired by the spirit of cross - intake communication and interaction of emlyon Global DBA, 2017 and 2018 intake participants themselves organized to visit the Ritsuumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) at Japan for a weekend, enriched with dissertation discussion and cultural experience activities. The trip was arranged by BAR Study Group in emlyon Global DBA 2017. It can be described as a real cross intakes research tour.

The participants flew to Japan from Europe, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places. Mr. Kanai Shusuke, a Japanese participant of emlyon Global DBA 2017 intake (former executive of Sony London Office) now serves as Associate Professor at the School of Business Administration at APU. He warmly greeted the participants and thoughtfully arranged the research discussion and cultural experience at Beppu.

On February 23rd, 2019, the participants delivered presentations on the final proposals of their dissertations ready to submit, at Mr. Shusuke’s university. They shared their literature review, selection of methodology, briefing of experimental interviews, choice of quantitative models and potential contributions to both trade and academia for challenge, questions and advices in order to inspire further amendments and improvements with the wisdom of team members before submission, which will be due at the end of April.

Although the research interests and domains varied, the challenges and confusions in research were similar in some cases. Therefore, the interaction was extremely active. The participants all found such discussion in a small group was quite effective and fruitful, which should be organized frequently. emlyon Global DBA has formed a learning group as the organizational structure and class committee as the core, to communicate with peers in stages and report the progress of learning, so as to maximize the time for doctoral participants to step on every research achievements and expect them to graduate timely together. The doctoral students all feel that such a small discussion is very productive and should be carried out frequently in the future. While one person moves quickly, one group reaches further.

The participants covered a wide range of topics, ranging from the planning of the next half of senior executives, to the exploration on art as an investment; How to create a community and serve emerging markets with high-end healthcare, to the co-creation of value between owners and audience of niche cinemas in Japan; and from the digital transformation of corporate academies, to the utility investigation on emerging communities for the development of automotive ecosystem. There was one thing in common, that is, all focusing on industry frontiers.

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After the research workshop,Mr. Shusuke drove the team to the beautiful scenery where he lives and works. Close to an active volcano, Beppu is known for its hot springs, that is, “Eight Hells”. In the evening, the participants enjoyed an outdoor hot spring and delicious dinner together. Saturday flew with study and landscape.

On Sunday morning, after a brief period of relaxation, the participants flew back to their own cities. The weekend trip to Beppu left a deep impression on the participants. APU was founded in 2000, it has followed its policy of internationalization and opened its door to the entire world ever since its inception. Its faculty comes from more than 20 countries around the world, while its students stem from 94 countries worldwide.

The experience of Japanese service is even more profound. Ranging from airport entry, baggage pick-up, transportation, hotel accommodation to cuisine, they had first-hand impression on Japan's rigorous alignment of western management systems, while well maintaining and advancing the heritage of the East. The care of business for people is visible here.

The participants of emlyon Global DBA Program concluded, "If we inject our passion, we will be able to produce more thoughtful products and provide more warm-hearted services." They all agreed that for the personal growth of DBAers, they must inject their passion.