emlyon GDBA Full Research Proposal and Academic Banquet

Source:Global DBA (Asia Track)Date:2019-05-10

In May 2019, the May workshops of emlyon Global DBA 2017 and 2018 took place in Shanghai as scheduled, which coincided with the Global DBA Full Research Proposal and Academic Banquet.

The Banquet was warm and animated, joined by the freshmen of Global DBA 2019 intake. The faculty and the participants shared their gains of research and expressed the gratitude to mutual supports, until late at night. Mr. Chan Choy NG and Mrs. Xiaoying QU, on behalf of Global DBA 2017 intake, presented a proposal report and highlighted the insights acquired throughout the inspiring journey. During the event, a book gifting ceremony was held to appreciate the contributions of some of the participants to the development of the School and the Program. The dinner concluded with an intimate birthday party for a few participants.

The full research proposal defense of Global DBA 2017 ran smoothly

From May 3rd to 5th, the full research proposal defense of emlyon Global DBA 2017 intake kicked off under the supervision of Prof.Chen Junsong and Prof. Sherriff Luk. During the session, the participants elaborated the proposals of their doctoral dissertations in terms of topic, research framework, methodology, theories and practical contributions.The dissertations covered a number of research areas, including art investment and pricing, international M&A, marketing innovation of private museums, hybrid education transformation, business school certification, executive career development, customer value innovation of cinema lines in Japan and high-end healthcare.

Prof. Chen and Prof. Luk questioned, analyzed and commented each proposal, while summing up some common defects detected in the defense. Both professors provided many valuable advices on the definition of research questions, the selection of research models, the specification of literature reference, the creation of research hypotheses, the collection of data and the considerations for defense.

In addition to the comments from two professors, this event also invited two Global DBA graduates who just completed the doctoral dissertation defense this year. Dr. Yulin GAO shared “Supplier-Manufacturer Coopetition and New Product Development: A  Dynamic Capabilities Perspective”, while Dr.Yuerong ZHOU presented “Migrant Workers’ Identity Construction and Consequences for Job-Related Outcomes”. The journey from more than 4 years of research and their passion in research highly inspired the participants of Global DBA 2017 intake.

Thanks to this proposal defense, every participant gained more insights on the rigor and scientific nature of research. Beyond the identification of deficiencies in current research, it also stimulated their desire and motivation for in-depth exploration, in order to dynamically combine academic research with business practices to the next level.

Great moments of the workshop:

The workshop of literature review and academic writing of Global DBA 2018 ran smoothly

On May 4th, 5th and 11th, the participants of emlyon Global DBA 2018 conducted the fifth workshop, focusing on literature review and academic writing.

This module consisted of two stages. The first stage was dedicated on methodology, while in the second stage, the faculty offered comments and feedback on the literature reviews prepared and submitted by the participants.

As the instructor, Dr. Tan Hao, Visiting Professor of emlyon business school, carefully reviewed the research topic of each DBA participant and responded to their questions. By guiding the participants to adopt and practice the technique of combining different keywords, definitions and synonyms during literature search, he helped them to efficiently find high-quality literature in accordance with their research methodology.

Literature retrieval and review is an essential prerequisite for review writing. The quality of a review largely depends on the author's coverage of the latest literature related to his/her topic. If a literature review is written before proper literature search and reading, it is impossible to produce an outstanding review. It is an important link in the course of DBA methodology, which plays a connecting role in the subsequent research and development of the participants.

Great moments of the workshop:

Messages from Deans

Prof. William WANG Hua
Associate Dean of emlyon business school
Dean of emlyon business school Asia

“You has spontaneously finished half of the “Marathon” in emlyon Global DBA Program. I have witnessed that many of you have made extraordinary achievements. You have completed solid literature review, adopted a more structured approach to thinking and are ready for more profound research. Now, it is a moment worth celebrating! Among you, outstanding participants will lead new cohorts to proceed and explore the world of business research. And we will continue to support you, as always!”

Prof. CHEN Junsong

Assistant Dean, emlyon Business School Asia
Director, Global DBA Asia Track

Global DBA Asia Track is to develop scholarly industry leader with the spirit of ‘early makers’.After two years of study and research training, I am delighted with the progress you have made. I believe that in the nearest future, you will gain a strong voice in the field of business research and become true Scientists of Business. I look forward to seeing you achieve even greater achievements on the journey of exploration!”