early maker Experience | Company Visit to Neobay

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2019-06-10

International students from emlyon business school Asia campus visited Neobay, the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Clustery on 29th May, 2019.

This company visit is organized by Professor Nikola ZIVLAK, Deputy Director Undergraduate/Graduate Programs, emlyon business school Asia, in order to enhance students’ understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in China and to cultivate their early makers sprit.

Entrepreneur are makers, we make entrepreneurs

emlyon business school’s mission is to develop ‘makers,’ agents of transformation with a flair for teamwork, who anticipate, link worlds, handle and cultivate ideas, and see things and take action before others. This notion of ‘maker’ reflects the vision of the entrepreneur endorsed by emlyon business school: a maker tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again, and learns as they go. emlyon business school strives to cultivate these skills in a next-generation approach that combines the production and dissemination of excellence in academic research with the creation of innovative curriculums.

XU Yang, international specialist of Neobay, also the tour guide of this company visit, introduced the constitution and ecosystem of the company, he also explained the value chain of global development strategy.

Under the guidance of Mr. XU, emlyon students visited the innovation center in Neobay and experienced the virtual reality glasses and some data collecting AI exhibits. They are extremely fascinated by the roller coaster VR games. During their visit, the students also exchanged with entrepreneurs in Neobay about their projects and their entrepreneurial experience in China.

In the presentation, Mr. XU introduced the strategic significance of establishing a globally influential science and technology center in Shanghai, and explained the evolution process and achievements of Neobay. Mr. XU also emphasized the value of the global cooperative ecosystem and reminded students that real execution comes from solid cooperation.

The students showed great interest in the various exhibits and ecosystem of Neobay, and expressed their willingness of future cooperation with Neobay in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

early maker Insights

Neobay is one of the most important innovation hubs in the city of shanghai, the aim for this company visit is to let students immerse into the ecosystem of innovation in shanghai and the future of innovation in China. We selected Neobay because it’s one of the best example, not only in shanghai, but also in the world, of how students from engineering background can cooperate with students with business background to boost entrepreneurial energy and to create new project. During our course innovation and entrepreneur in Asia, students have an opportunity to compare entrepreneurship in china and in the world and see the specific and realistic Chinese companies as well as the specific innovation ecosystem in china that boost so many innovations.

▲ Prof Nikola ZIVLAK
Deputy Director Undergraduate/Graduate Programs, emlyon Asia

Establishing early maker sprit is the first step for students to innovate and to become entrepreneurs. I hope students can take innovation and entrepreneurship as their lifestyle. As young students, they should always have faith, enthusiasm and curiosity on the future and on the new things. Dare to try, dare to discover, and dare to seize opportunity, that’s how great changes are brought about.

▲ ZHANG Zhigang
General Manager of Neobay

What I want to say most to the students is that real action only happens when we act together.

▲ XU Yang
International Specialist of Neobay

Student's expressions

This was interesting, Yang was kind and speaks French very well. This visit is in consistence with what we have learnt in our innovation and entrepreneurship course, it’s nice to visit incubators in shanghai to witness real innovations here. There are more than 500 enterprises are incubated here in Neobay and that was impressing for me.

Grand Ecole Program

Event Overview

About Asian Campus Semester

The Asian Campus Semester programme was designed within the context of the development of emlyon business school’s activities in Asia. The program brings together international students from the emlyon business school and from local partner universities (East China Normal University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, etc.) to achieve multicultural integration. Currently, approximately 700 international students come to the emlyon business school Asia campus each year to follow Asian campus semester program.