The Opening Ceremony of 2019 emlyon Global DBA Kicked off

Source:Global DBA (Asia Track)Date:2019-07-05

On July 4th, 2019, the Opening Ceremony of emlyon Global DBA Asia 2019 intake kicked off in the solemn. Nearly 20 business executives and entrepreneurs from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Taiwan and other regions joined the global DBA community and started a new journey full of challenges and gains. All of them will carry the spirit of ‘early maker’ and become scientist of business!Prof. Tawhid CHTIOUI, Dean of emlyon business school, Prof. Tugrul ATAMER, Vice Dean of emlyon business school, Prof. Fabio BERTONI, Associate Dean for Research of emlyon business school, Prof. William WANG Hua, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon business school Asia, Prof. Luk Ting Kwong, Deputy Academic Director of Global DBA Asia Program. Prof. Junsong CHEN, Assistant Dean of emlyon business school Asia, Director of Global DBA Asia Track host the opening ceremony. All of them were present at the ceremony and warmly greeted the new participants.

▲Prof. Junsong Chen, Assistant Dean of emlyon business school Asia, made a speech of welcome

We are gathered here today to celebrate an exciting and historical moment, that is, the Opening Ceremony of emlyon 2019 Global DBA Asia Track. Welcome every one of you to join this century-old business school ranked one of the top-notch institutions in France and in Europe! These 16 DBAers graduated from first-class universities at home and abroad, with an average of 19 years of work experience. They are all senior executives of listed companies and fortune 500 enterprises, and outstanding private entrepreneurs, among whom female students account for 25%.

All the faculty and staff members present today will accompany you in this brand-new journey!

▲ Prof. Tawhid CHTIOUI, Dean of emlyon business school, welcomed new participants of Global DBA 2019 Intake

At emlyon, we are very pleased to be one of the most global business schools and very proud to be involved in Chinese higher education.

In China, we aim to contribute preparing senior managers & leaders to work in a changing Asian economy while also fostering innovation and an enterprising spirit in order to support the growth of this continent on the move.

emlyon business school connects communities of learners and change-makers across the globe, acting as a mediator between the worlds of science, engineering, humanities, design and the various business worlds. We will create hybrids of local and global dimensions, academic and emotional intelligence, human and artificial intelligence but also individual and collective intelligence.

I look forward to seeing you in the school's future location in Lyon, Named the ‘early makers hub’, spread over 30,000 square meters in the heart of Lyon City in 2022.

▲Prof. Tugrul ATAMER, Vice Dean of emlyon business school, made a welcome address

Founded in Lyon in 1872, emlyon business school has evolved into the six campuses today and is committed to cultivating ‘early markers’ of the time, which is also the implication of ‘em’ in the name. The world needs hundreds of thousands of ‘early makers’ . Through the Global DBA Program and your exploration of business research, you will become the leaders of your industries in the future, who are able to change the growth patterns of emerging economies and transform them into innovators!

▲ Prof. Fabio BERTONI, Vice Dean for Research of emlyon business school, presented his welcome

emlyon business school boasts remarkable research capabilities backed by ten research centers, including the Financial Risk Analysis Research Center, the Artificial Intelligence Research Center and the Strategy and Organization Research Center. All the faculty of emlyon business school have great enthusiasm and interest in academic research. And I believe that is also the reason that gathers all of you here. In the next four years, you will learn how to think and answer questions in a more rigorous manner and become researchers and scientists in the business world!

▲Prof. Wang Hua, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon business school Asia, addressed the keynote speech

Dear participants, I am really honored to meet all of you! Please consider this question. In our 40’s, when our career life has reached a certain level, what is the essence of life to us? On the one hand, we live in a physical world. On the other hand, we are also creating the world, including the organizations and businesses, which distinguishes us from animals.

Future generations may be immortal, in a way that ancient emperors dreamed of and sought for with nationwide resources. It may raise some ethical concerns – how technology and human interact with each other and find new approaches. How to find the essence of life? emlyon business school will help you find the right answer. Today, Asia accounts for a significant share of the global economy. We face numerous possibilities to contribute to the business wisdom in Asia, which is our honor. All of you here also shoulder the mission to further explore the cutting edge of learning and business research in the Global DBA Program and to convey Asian wisdom to the world!

▲ Prof. Luk Ting Kwong, Deputy Academic Director of Global DBA Asia Program of emlyon business school Asia, welcomed the participants

I am very happy to be part of this grand opening! Today, social productivity is roaring, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, the market is constantly changing, customer behaviors are dynamic, and the speed of knowledge iteration is getting faster and faster. Therefore, in addition to updating the knowledge base and scientific research methodology, the study at the Global DBA Program will also temper your ability to think at the top of the business research chain. In the future, your perspective on the problems and the strategies of problem solving will be totally different. After joining emlyon business school, you will be at the forefront of management research. I hope that in the future we will teach and learn from each other and work together to contribute to the power of business research in Asia!

▲Mr. Kennth LAI, as a representative of emlyon Global DBA 2017 Intake, shared his learning experience

As participants of emlyon Global DBA , we are not only working in an ivory tower. We need to stay in touch with the business world and generate new business intelligence based on a combination of business phenomena and practices. The study at this program is not merely about acquiring a degree. As entrepreneurs and executives, we must consolidate our capabilities in the field of research. We must maintain smooth communication with professors and mentors, while valuing the research interests and achievements of others. With numerous literature review and the guidance of top-class professors at emlyon, you will be with the best people in the world. Congratulations again on joining us! We will take the blessing of God and never travel alone again!

▲ Ms. Wu Yi spoke for all participants of emlyon Global DBA 2018 Intake

Dear President, professors and peer participants, I feel very honored to be here today. We must keep on building up our knowledge base. In order to learn new knowledge, temporary ignorance is not overwhelming. Let’s seek for the passion for learning and seize every opportunity to find the essence of life! Since I started my study in emlyon Global DBA, I have learned to be grateful. Grateful to our families and colleagues, who make us better persons. We need to temper our research capabilities, because it is the golden key to the future. I hope everyone can achieve success in the future!

▲ Mr. Yunyi LIN made a speech on behalf of all new participants of emlyon Global DBA 2019 Intake

I have engaged in the hi-tech industry for 20 years. I believe that my industry insights and management practices will facilitate my study at emlyon Global DBA Program. In addition to the growing demands for knowledge in the areas of supply chain and product development, research methodology is also what I expect. I have benefited a lot from my past career, and I hope that joining emlyon will help me realize my dream of continuous improvement!

▲ Ms. Jingjing LIU, as a representative of emlyon Global DBA 2019 Intake shared her DBA learning vision

I am very pleased to share with you some of my thoughts on the study of Global DBA. In our middle age, we are more concerned about what are truly ours. We want to gain greater security and hope to have positive impacts on others. Ever since I approached emlyon business school for the first time, I have always felt love and affection. Whether it is guidance of Prof. Junsong CHEN on my dissertation, or the care of the operation team, in particular Ms. Wendy Yang, every detail reflects the attention and love contributed to the participants.

I hope to get a world view with global vision through the Global DBA Program. For example, Aristotle's views were subverted by Newton after thousands of years and later by quantum theory. We may follow our world view, but how does our philosophical ambition come from? We need to learn a new world view through the study of the Global DBA Program, so that the talents of all participants collide with each other and generate the sparks of wisdom. In particular in today's era of big data, our world view needs enrichment and upgrades, so that we can show our talents in various fields!

Afterwards, the guests and faculty members wore the badges of emlyon business school for all freshmen of 2019 Global DBA, which drove the ceremony to the climax. The badge wearing session marked that the new participants officially became part of the great family of emlyon business school and embarked on the four-year journey of exciting DBA study.

Ceremony Spots

Global DBA

This program has been specifically designed in response to a growing need of business leaders to challenge current business practice and devise new methods for progression in times of technological and geopolitical change, and increasing uncertainty.

By combining academically rigorous education with business practice, the program will enable participants to update their business knowledge and enhance their analytical and critical thinking capabilities through modules delivered across the globe.

The emlyon Global DBA also requires participants to produce a doctoral dissertation – an original piece of research focusing on solving core issues within their own industry or organization. With their career experience and their new academic learning, this dissertation will create real business impact and value.