Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2019-12-10

On November 2, the research report, 2020 GLOBAL EMPLOYER BRANDING TRENDS, led by: Richard Mosley, the father of Employer Brand, Ben Whitter, the father of Employee Experience, Anson Tang, Co-director, Global HR and Organization Innovation Center, emlyon business school, France, Ocean Fu, the founder of WINGs, Vivian Li, CEO of HRflag, 10 major trends, more than 200,000 words, sweeping the tide of employer brand management.


emlyon business school & HRflag

Language English & Chinese
200,000 words
Release Time
November 1st, 2019

10 Employer Branding Trends:

Trend One:Brand Portrait and Paragon Shift

Trend two: Value Proposition and Breaking Through Organizational Boundary

Trend three: Spiral Of Silence and Content Collaboration

Trend four: Experience Map and Awareness Upgrade

Trend five: Technology Driven and Reshaping Perceived Facts

Trend six: Digital Evolution

Trend seven: Flow Of Waterfalls and Lighthouse Effect

Trend eight: Potential Energy and Popularity Explosion

Trend nine: Integrated Evolution and Data-Inspired

Trend ten:Cognitive Ascent and Deep Connection

In addition, 2020 GLOBAL EMPLOYER BRANDING TRENDS, first proposed the abstract carrier of employer brand objective facts Employer Brand Portrait, Paragon Shift theory, Employer Branding Cycle,Employer Brand Operation Process, advances the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to Talent Value Proposition (TVP),advances OGC (Official-generated Content) to EGC (Employer-generated Content),proposed a new generationEmployer Brand Evaluation ERERA Model, Social communication’s Tipping Strategy Concept, Employer Brand’s Dynamic Positioning, Dynamic Creativity, Data-Inspired, Employer Brand Intimacy, Employer Brand Engine, employer experience’s Talent Experience Map and Touchpoint Construction Model, Expectation Alignment, Structured Shortage, Value Reserve Experience, Commitment Experience Gap, Value Layering Model of Experience, Lighthouse Effect and other frontier insights.

It is the first time apply Anchoring Effect, The Spiral Of Silence, Blue Ocean Strategy, Deep Social Interaction, Jacob Dynamic Model, Flow TheorySystem1 & Syetem2, Bounded Rationality, Dynamic integration, In-depth integration, Integration Evolution, Three degrees of influence, Most Advanced Yet Acceptable to the field of employer branding, and it was the first to deeply explore the large-scale deep changes that employer brand management in organizational management is undergoing. More than 20 new frameworks, theories, ideas and principles have pointed out the path and direction for future employer brand management.

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