A powerful alliance creating new momentum for senior executives!

Source:Global DBA (Asia Track)Date:2020-03-06

emlyon Global DBA (Asia Track) program has been specifically designed in response to a growing need of business leaders to challenge current business practice and devise new methods for progression in times of technological and geopolitical change, and increasing uncertainty. The emlyon Global DBA also requires participants to produce a doctoral dissertation – an original piece of research focusing on solving core issues within their own industry or organization. With their career experience and their new academic learning, this dissertation will create real business impact and value.

The unprecedented globalization has brought unprecedented opportunities around the world, as well as increasing trade frictions and cultural conflicts. As the world economy moves from industrial production to a service/knowledge economy, "people" have become the core competency of any organization.

Launched at the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai in August 2019, emlyon business school Global HR & Organization Innovation Center (GHOIC) set up projects to investigate contemporary issues in organization development, career management, employability management and development, HR technology, employer branding and HR service.

The GHOIC drawing upon the expertise in HR and organization of emlyon business school, and the AIM of emlyon business school, establish an open research and innovation platform where leading scholars in HR-related areas and company executives interact. It empowers the transformation of GDBA participants into scientist-practitioners after the peak of their career journey.

A powerful alliance creating new momentum for senior executives

Combining academic education with business practices, emlyon GDBA Program drives participants to update their business savvy in modular courses taught in various places around the world, strengthen problem-solving capabilities from different perspectives and improve their critical thinking skills. Therefore, based on rich professional experience and guided by newly acquired theories, they are able to observe the past, forecast the future, creates real business impact and value, and become leading scientist-practitioners.

GHOIC is committed to exploring cutting-edge projects related to critical topics, ranging from aging, digitalization, artificial intelligence to sustainable career development, covering organizational development, employer branding, leadership, career and talent management, employability, pay and benefits, and market trends of human resources services. Closely linked to social and corporate development issues, it is designed to foster business leaders with global vision and innovative capabilities in the domain of human resources services.

  • The iteration and extension of management wisdom of business leaders
  • The reserve and upgrade of think tanks in the field of human resources
  • The cultivation and shaping of a scientist-practitioner pool
  • The exploration and reconstruction of the potentials of senior executives at their career peak

Research Project & Achievements

  • 16 August, 2019: emlyon business school Global HR & Organization Innovation Center Launch Ceremony, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai
  • 16 August, 2019: Report Release of "Global HR Science & Technology Trends 2020" &“Top 50 HR Technology Companies of China”
  • 18 August, 2019: Book Release of "Future Thinking of HR"
  • 20 September, 2019: Report Release of "Global Compensation and Welfare Trends 2020"
  • November, 2019: Report Release of "2020 Global Employer Branding Trends"
  • November, 2019: Report Release of "Global Talent Selection Trend 2020"
  • December, 2019: Report Release of "2019 China HR Service Industry Innovation Ranking and Research Report"
  • March, 2020: Report Release of "Global Workforce Management Trends 2020 "
  • March, 2020: "2020 China HR Service Industry New Companies Ranking and Research Report"
  • May, 2020: "Global HR Management" EDP project launch

Faculty Insights

In order to deeply explore the capabilities of high-potential manager and create an open platform of innovation and communication for scientist-practitioners, emlyon business school has invited distinguished scholars from all over the world to provide the most powerful intellectual supports to help participants gain business knowledge and plan their career journey in the mid-to-late stage.

Planning for sustainable career development

The dynamic changes in the global economy have intensified the fierce competition in the workplace and made career planning even tougher. How to balance the relationship between study and work as well as education and experience? This question has become a hotspot topic that confuses numerous graduates. Moreover, how to plan for sustainable career development is also the key concern of many corporate executives. We invited Nikos BOZIONELOS, Professor of International Human Resources Management, Organizational Behaviors and Leadership at emlyon business school and Director of emlyon Leadership and Organizational Innovation Center, to provide professional advices and guidance on career planning.

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▍Nikos BOZIONELOS: A Secret Master Plan for Your Job Hunting

Potential vs opportunity

From physical fitness to IQ, from individual tributes to potentials, in the past century, the critieria of talents have consistently changed. As an important asset for enterprises, the exploration and cultivation of talents has become a key issue of common concern in both business practices and management theories. What is the definition of talent? How to acquire talents under the Chinese values and environment? We invited Mr. Tang Qiuyong, Co-Director of the GHOIC, to review the evolutionary of talent measures under the topic of "talent evolution theory and future elites"  .

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▍The Theory of Talent Evolution and Future Elite

What kind of talents should be created in business schools

A business school is an educational institution for the training of professionals who are able to adopt contemporary business theories. Its value depends on how many excellent and creative business talents can be created for the future. The rapid development of science and technology has brought continuous economic advancements as well as a new mission of talent cultivation for business schools. We invited Dr. Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia and French Dean of Asia Europe Business School, to elaborate on the question of “what kind of talents should be creates in business schools in the future”.

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▍What Types of Elites Business Schools Shall Cultivate

Understanding the significance of anxiety and "links": New ideas on corporate change

emlyon business school, a centurial business school in Europe founded in 1872, and the Economist, a top-notch European journal of economics founded in 1843, joined hands to provide a social welfare column titled “Ark Reading Club” on February 19th, 2020. It opens the learning journey for readers to blend the East and the West with a century of cultural heritage. From the perspective of a scholar, Prof Jiang Yuan, adjunct Professor of emlyon Global DBA Program, presented a briefing on social network and discussed its functionality and roles in the innovation and changes of organizational management.

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▍We are Here 公益读书会回顾 | 黄金屋里的企业变革领悟

emlyon DBA Testimonial

At the beginning of 2020, the Chinese New Year witnessed the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus epidemic. In this special period of fighting and struggling, emlyon Global DBA Program (Asia Track) continues to pay attention to the topic of social responsibility. We call on more business leaders and executives to care about social well-being. Let’s continue to spread positive energy and overcome the difficulties with our business wisdom! Diana Tang, Chief Consultant of Development Dimensions International, Inc., Founder of EDGE Consulting and emlyon Global DBA participant, called for social responsibility and shared her insight on why more leaders shall bear accountability in crisis.

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▍Leadership in Crisis: Accoutability!

A person must live so as to feel no torturing regrets for years without purpose and never know the burning shame of a mean and petty past. Corporate executives who have worked hard for many years in the workplace are proud of their careers. However, as to the further development over the next two or three decades, they might not be fully ready. The personal experience of James NG, emlyon Global DBA participant and an expert at the emlyon business school GHOIC, who has many years of experience as a career coach, reflects his career planning at the peak of a corporate executive. He inspired everyone to start from their sectors, sum up and sublimate new theories in rich industry practice and in turn become the scientist-practitioners in the new era.

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▍Next Chapter after Those Successes | James Ng, emlyon Global DBA