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In this era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, the survival of traditional business models is increasingly tough, while organizational structures are facing tremendous changes. More and more business leaders realize that only through in-depth research and insights on the most cutting-edge business intelligence, in the collision with elites of all walks of life, will they continue to extend the depth of their thinking as well as the breadth of their perceptions in order to achieve success in the hotly fierce competition.

On July 2nd, 2020, the opening ceremony of emlyon Global DBA 2020 intake was grandly held. More than 20 business executives and excellent entrepreneurs formally joined the community of emlyon business school, eager to empower their thoughts and explore the way for the future with a challenging journey of study.

The 20 elite participants attracted this year are from the University of Wisconsin, Duran University, Loughborough University, City University of Hong Kong, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and other famous universities at home and abroad. The enterprise decision-making level accounts for 60%. Four years later, their research will promote the industry forward and lead the theoretical frontier, which will certainly make a lot of contributions.

The ceremony was chaired by Prof. Chen Junsong, Assistant Dean of emlyon Asia and Director of GDBA Asia Track. Prof. Dr. William H. Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon Asia, Prof. Yuan Zhigang, former dean of school of economics, Fudan University, adjunct Professor and DBA Advisor at emlyon business school, Ms. Natacha LEYRE, Director of Operation CCI France Chine, Prof. Luk Ting Kwong, professor of Marketing, Academic Director of Global DBA Asia Program, DBA Advisor at emlyon business school, Prof. Yuan JIANG, professor of Organization and Human Resources, DBA Advisor at emlyon business school, Prof. Jun LU, associate Professor of Finance,DBA Advisor at emlyon business school attended the ceremony and warmly welcomed the new participants respectively. Prof. Tugrul Atamer, Dean of emlyon business school, Prof. Frederic Delmar, Research Dean of emlyon business School delivered the welcome speech through video.

Welcome Address by Guests

▲ Prof. Chen Junsong, Assistant Dean of emlyon Asia and Director of GDBA Asia Track delivered a welcome address

Today, we are here to celebrate an exciting and important day together, that is, the opening ceremony of emlyon Global DBA 2020. Welcome to join emlyon business school, which boasts century-old academic and cultural accumulation and is recognized as one of the top-notch business schools in in France and Europe!

▲ Prof. Tugrul Atamer, Dean of emlyon business school gave a welcome address

I am very grateful to welcome you to join emlyon GDBA and CBL Programs. With a history of 148 years, emlyon business school is one of the few business schools with a global network of campuses spreading over three continents. In China, we are committed to assisting business managers and leaders in making full preparations to cope with the rapidly changing Asian economy. Meanwhile, we are also keen to cultivate entrepreneurs and innovators to support the sustainable development of the Asian economy.

emlyon business school has always upheld the spirit of "early makers" to try, experiment, innovate and work together. By gathering worldwide learners and game changers, we intend to create a comprehensive platform of academic exchange platform connecting all fields of science, engineering, culture and design. In the next four years or even longer, emlyon will become your home away from homes. I sincerely hope that you will explore a new self here and fully discover and stimulate the infinite possibilities of your energy.

▲ Ms. Natacha LEYRE, Director of Operation of CCI France Chine delivered a welcome speech

CCIFC brings together the French and Chinese business communities through various events, provides a vibrant platform for exchange and networking opportunities, collaborates its key players in the Chinese economy, along with top-level French institutions, and offers companies a wide range of services to facilitate their access to the Chinese market, including business centers, visas, recruitment, training and counselling. CCI France Chine has now more than 1600 members in China, among these members, are all the excellent schools and universities, including the cooperation with emlyon business school for a long time.

Education is a key factor in developing as a person. Education means understanding intercultural exchanges between the East and the West. It is important to study the different beliefs, principles, and behaviors in these commercial situations as it will strongly influence the professional careers and perception of cultures. This semester, take the time to assess what you are learning and look into how it is helping you grow and develop as a person, you will be truly amazed by how much you can evolve in so little time.

▲ Prof. Frederic Delmar, Research Dean of emlyon business School, made a welcome speech

I welcome you to join in emlyon business school. We hope that you will find GDBA and CBL program fruitful for your professional and personal development. You will go through a rigorous and high-level program of highest international research standards. You will examine and explore different perspectives on management society and economics and leverage on your professional experience to address substantive questions and issues that have far-reaching implications.

emlyon GDBA Program will allow you to reposition and hopefully to accelerate the attainment of your life goals. We are looking forward to meeting you all soon and we'll hope for an exciting program but a lot of heated discussions about management research on management and its practices.

▲Prof. William WANG Hua, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon Asia, served as the keynote speaker

Dear participants, I am very happy to meet you! Nowadays, the status of the Asian economy in the world is becoming more and more highlighted. While COVID-19 hits the global economy, the opportunities of our time are also quietly emerging. To keep up with the trend of the times, we call for greater business wisdom.

As an institution of century-old business wisdom, emlyon business school will provide you with a world -class research environment in Europe and Asia. emlyon Global DBA Program (Asia Track) aims to shape and nurture scientist-practitioners with the spirit of "early makers". Through the careful and insightful guidance of our distinguished mentors and advisors, it will help you to carry out in-depth research and exploration of the frontiers of the business world, and in turn achieve new breakthroughs in the realm of life and value!

▲ Prof. Yuan Zhigang, Adjunct Professor and GDBA Advisor at emlyon business school, conveyed a welcome address

Witnessing your enrollment in such a special year after the COVID-19 outbreak, I sincerely hope that all of you here will pay attention to the "consciousness of the world" in your future studies and always care about the trends of the global economy and  the Chinese economy. In the study journey of emlyon GDBA, it is important to be more eager to explore, integrate a thorough knowledge of both western and Chinese cultures, be brave to experiment the innovations of economic theories and practices, and combine the macro economy with the micro corporate activities that we are engaged in, in order to contribute to a better, more equal, prosperous and sustainable world.

Representatives sharing DBA journey

▲ Ms. Tang Weimin, Chief Advisor of DDI Founder of EDGE Consulting, emlyon GDBA 2018 candidate, shared her experience

My initial intention in enrolling emlyon GDBA Program was to improve my overall knowledge base and lay a solid academic foundation in a certain field to prepare for the next stop in my life. These two years are extremely fruitful. The insights of world-class professors often enlighten me. emlyon also helped me fulfill my dream of transforming from a business executive into a business school lecturer. In just two years, my academic progress, expertise and way of thinking have all changed significantly.

▲ Mr. Qian Guoxin, Co-Founder & President of VHR Association, emlyon GDBA 2019 participant, also showed his feeling

Charlie Munger said, "How you learn is how you live." Numerous findings have shown that reading and learning are the most meaningful things. Studying reinforces your wisdom, energy, life and fortune. Therefore, I believe that after completing emlyon GDBA, you will definitely gain a lot.

emlyon business school is rigorous in its academic research and always adheres to high standards and requirements for each learner, which in turn enhances its reputation. Congratulations! You have made a correct decision by joining emlyon and becoming an "early maker" for a better life.

Speech by representatives of 2020 intake

▲ Mr. Lu Yi, VP of Fuji-Xerox , emlyon GDBA 2020 participant, presented his expectations

Why did I choose emlyon GDBA? To sum up, "solutions cure the symptoms, while the way of thinking eliminates the root causes". If we are complacent with our work limited to the shallow level of business management techniques, we will inevitably be overwhelmed by endless workplace trivia in the future and may even encounter crises. With the century-old business and academic culture, emlyon business school concentrates the best business management wisdom. I believe that under the influence of this profound atmosphere, it will definitely help us gain deeper insights into all walks of life, grasp the essential laws of the market, sublime our ideological height and reap greater success.

▲ Ms. Yu Zhihong, AP HRD of Cabot Corporation, emlyon GDBA 2020 participant, made her statement

Four years of study at emlyon GDBA is a huge commitment. I came to study and explore with questions and total humility. I look forward to working hand in hand with industry leaders to continuously broaden the boundaries of my knowledge and practice, and to achieve a new breakthrough in life by exploring various management problems. emlyon business school is one of the best business schools in Europe. I believe that this collision and exchanges between Europe and Asia will definitely bring more sparks of ideas, broaden our global vision and cultivate our more diverse, inclusive, and cross-cultural way of thinking and communication!

▲ Mr. Tang Qiuyong, Founder of HRoot, emlyon CBL 2020 participant, also revealed his commitment

Around two decades ago, I started to run my own business. Through speeches and training, I have helped my business spread ideas and enhance brand influence. Over the past few years, I became more aware of my deficiencies in speech, presentation, training and teaching skills, and I was eager to get breakthroughs and improvements. Therefore, when I learned about the strong faculty lineup and well-designed curriculum of emlyon CBL Program, I decisively chose to register immediately. I believe that by modestly accepting the influence of the century-old business and academic culture at emlyon, I will be able to break through the bottleneck and harvest numerous gains.

After the enthusiastic sharing of all the representatives, GDBA and CBL team members have sent the opening message to the 2020 freshmen, wishing them all a smooth learning journey in the future and achieving ideal harvest.

▲ Introduction of GDBA and CBL program team members

After that, the guests wore the badges of emlyon business school for the freshmen. Since then, the new journey was about to start! emlyon Global DBA Program and Certified B-School Lecturer Program will update participants’ knowledge base and enhance the abilities to analyze and solve problems in multiple dimensions, in the first-class research environment in Asia and Europe and under the influence of century-old business and academic culture. They will learn from the past, explore new secrets of the business world, acquire new wisdom in business management and eventually become scientist-practitioners with the spirit of "early makers" to achieve new life breakthroughs and complete a new upgrade of value!


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