Top 4 in France | 2020 Shanghai Thematic Ranking


The much-awaited release by consultancy Shanghai Ranking of the latest Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, which feeds into the Academic Ranking of World Universities, has certainly caused a stir in higher education circles. The reason lies in the numerous French institutions that are now among the very best performers in the world.

emlyon business school is ranked 4th this year among French universities for Management and Business Administration subjects. Every year, business schools and universities in France are moving ever higher up the rankings and demonstrating their respective strengths, as is the case with emlyon, which is recognized for the excellence of both its teaching in the field of management and its research work.

The school’s Quant research center, its PhD program dedicated to management, the support given by teachers to research in every discipline within the knowledge portfolio required for management teaching, the direct link between research and business that has been developed by creating chairs in certain subjects… have all helped emlyon to position itself among the very best French schools in this category.

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