emlyon Alumni East China and 4 Theme Clubs Launched in Shanghai

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2020-12-02

Nov.15, 2020 emlyon business school grandly held in Shanghai the launch ceremony for emlyon Alumni East China, Digitalization Club, Career & Leadership Club, Lifestyle Club and CSR Club.

On the day of event, over 200 emlyon alumni who had high presence in East China, along with a dazzling array of academic masters, industrial leaders and corporate mentors, gathered in Shanghai and witnessed the historic moment. The newly established emlyon Alumni East China and four clubs will become a platform that connects Asian and European alumni and social resources.

Connecting Alumni and Disseminating Chinese & French Cultures: Early Makers Aim High at Industrial, Academia and Research Laureates

▲ Professor William Hua WANG, associate dean of emlyon business school, dean of emlyon business school Asia and French dean of Asia Europe Business School, is delivering a speech.

At the beginning of the event, Dean Wang extended his warm congratulations on the launching of emlyon Alumni East China Network and the other four clubs, noting that the establishment of emlyon forever East China would boost three connections. Firstly, the connection between Student Union and Alumni Network, which would strengthen students’ studies and career development. Secondly, the connection between alumni and industries, academia and research, whose value will be infused into resultant force through three-in-one integration. Thirdly, the connection between school life and social life, which would build a platform for emlyon alumni to pass on the spirit of emlyon makers for a better life.

▲ Jessica Li, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at emlyon business school Asia, is delivering a speech.

According to the introduction by Jessica Li, the number of emlyon forever alumni has exceeded 32,000 worldwide. The emlyon Alumni East China is the second of its kind in China, following emlyon alumni North China. The major four clubs, along with the emlyon’s four research centers, namely, Business Intelligence Centre, Global HR & Organizational Innovation Centre, the Centre for Eurasia Sports Industry and Good Business Centre, will become an important part of emlyon platform for industries, academia and research, thus providing alumni and their enterprises with more opportunities and bigger stages and facilitating the implementation of emlyon’s strategies like digitalization, lifelong competitiveness and CSR.

Subsequently, Jessica Li announced the name list of the committee members of emlyon business school Alumni East China and Club Committee before Dean William Hua Wang and Professor Sherriff Luk issued the letter of appointment. After several procedures of recommendation, self-recommendation, nomination and publicity, Owen Qian, participant of emlyon business school GDBA 2019, assumed the position of president of emlyon Alumni East China, while Alaina Liu, participant of emlyon business school GDBA 2019, took the office of Vice President and Secretary General. The office of vice president of emlyon Alumni East China was also assumed by Shen Qiang, an alumnus of EDP sports program, XIA Jingtao, participant of GDBA 2020, KANG Youzheng, student of GEMBA 2019, Sophie Yuan, alumna of master program 2005, Annelie Qu, participant of GDBA 2017. The office of deputy Secretary-General was also taken by Catherine Dai, participant of GDBA 2020, Jennifer Jia, student of GEMBA 2018, HU Wenbo, student of HEMB. WANG Xiaoyang, current student of GBBA, was appointed executive secretary.

Name list of the committee members: of emlyon Alumni East China Network and Club Council

Dean William Hua WANG, issued the Certificate of Expert of emlyon business school Business Intelligence Centre and Industrial Digitalization Club to Li Wei, Professor of Zhejiang University of Technology, Deputy Director of Blockchain Association of China Communications Industry Association, and Hu Xinchun, Dean of Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy and Consulting Partner of Deloitte China Management.

Lifelong learning, Lifelong Growth: The Shining Debut of East China Alumni Network and other Four Clubs

Owen Qian, President of East China Alumni Network, President of Career & Leadership Club, delivered a speech on behalf of emlyon Alumni East China. He noted that the establishment of the network would connect the industrial elites in China, France and the rest of the world more closely and serve as an international platform featuring the spirit of early makers, i.e., openness, sharing, lifelong learning, solidarity and mutual help for emlyon graduates and students active in East China.

Meanwhile, the launch of Digitalization Club, Career & Leadership Club, Lifestyle Club and CSR Club has broadened the horizon of alumni in vertical areas like digital innovation, leadership development, lifestyle and charity. It will make emlyon family splendid in Asia and East China, in particular.

Digitalization Club

Alaina Liu, Deputy President and General secretary of emlyon Alumni East China, delivered a speech on behalf of the clubs. She noted that the Digitalization Club would lead the world with digital operations and create value with multi-dimensional management. The club would serve as a communication platform that integrates internationalized industries, academia and research, thus giving full play to the role of emlyon business school in digital operations and management and making contributions to corporate and social progress.

Career & Leadership Club

Li Wenjing, General Secretary of Career & Leadership Club noted that her club would practice lifelong learning for lifelong growth.

The club would organize a series of interesting and productive online and offline activities centering leadership development and career development, so to connect alumni, empower them and help them succeed.

Lifestyle Club

Shen Qiang,Deputy Director of East China Alumni Network, President of Lifestyle Club, made a speech on behalf of Lifestyle Club, noting that his club would follow the tenet of “healthy, happy, beautiful and better life” to build good life experience for alumni in East China, redefine their lifestyle and make their life and study more beautiful. The dazzling VCR fed all the guests with a visual feast, adding some romantic elements to a diversified alumni network.

CSR Club

Sophie Yuan, Deputy President of emlyon Alumni East China, President of CSR Club, noted, on behalf of CSR Club, that her club would build a platform that could connect alumni enterprises and charity programs, promoting not only the synergy between Chinese and European resources, but also a brand image of charity for emlyon business school and alumni enterprises, so that more alumni could enhance their sense of social responsibility and fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

Mentors Empowering, Braving the Waves: 2020 Corporate Mentor Program Kickoff

According to Madam Peng PENG, Employer Engagement and Careers Services Manager at emlyon business school Asia, the “Corporate Mentor Program” of emlyon business school is developed from its philosophy of fostering early makers and made possible with the quality mentor pool of VHR. The Program aims to help both undergraduate and graduate students learn to grow and excel in business-like settings. Through meticulous selection and communication, about two dozen prominent HR executives from VHR were appointed as the first corporate mentors for the Program. By providing a platform for learning and experiencing in real business scenarios with mentors from leading corporations, it commits to facilitate students to appreciate the future development of different industries, to share successful experiences, and to extend their networks. By working closely with these corporate mentors and their companies or industries, and in the spirit of value co-creation, emlyon business school is to forge all-round cooperation with VHR in training talent, developing case studies, and probing into other areas of education.

Mentor Fang Rangqing, Vice General Manager of FFT, a subordinate of Fosun International Limited, and Mentor Zhang Hui, Deputy PR Manager of McCormick China, expressed, on behalf of mentors, their excitement to join the Corporate Mentor Program and to be able to absorb new energy from helping students, so that they could learn by teaching. They expected the Program could help more students to connect with industries more closely.

Dean William Hua Wang and Professor JIANG Yuan presented certificates to corporate mentors, with group photos taken.

A Cross-border Collision of Ideas: On Leadership and Career Development in the Digital Age

The roundtable forum was chaired by JIANG Yuan, professor and DBA supervisor at emlyon business school, with participants including Li Wei, Professor of Zhejiang University of Technology, Deputy Director of Blockchain Association of China Communications Industry Association, Hu Xinchun, Dean of Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy and Consulting Partner of Deloitte China Management, Vivian Weng, HR Director in Greater China, Rémy Cointreau, and emlyon business school corporate mentor, Tracy Liang, HR Vice President of Essilor Greater China Group and emlyon business school corporate mentor.

Regarding leadership and career development in the digital age, Professor Li Wei believed that every human revolution was digital in nature. Lifelong learning is a magic weapon for the rapid development of human resources. A society with knowledge as the core is a competition between the elites and the elite society. Only by improving the three-dimensional ability can they survive the elimination by the society. Dr. Hu Xinchun pointed out that the development of future organization must be miniaturized, flattened, and virtualized. Leadership and career development in the digital age will see opportunities and challenges coexist.

In the face of future changes, what kind of preparation should people in the workplace make to succeed? Vivian Weng advised to dare to try, find one’s own characteristics, and become an excellent workplace person who can bring his or her own flow of attention. Mentor Tracy Liang proposed to connect with colleagues around oneself digitally, to infect the team with unaffected leadership, and to maintain agility at all times.

emlyon Alumni East China has set off from Shanghai, on a journey featuring openness, sharing, pioneering spirit, inclusiveness and diversity. emlyon Alumni East China will hold high the spirit of early makers, connect the alumni resources and pass on Chinese and French culture, to show the whole world a new image of emlyon alumni.

Aa a Poem reads, “the bullets shot the hill; the holes make it beautiful.”


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