emlyon-HIT Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony Grandly Held

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2022-06-02

May 31, 2022 emlyon business school and Harbin Institute of Technology officially declared the establishment of strategic partnership to co-launch a new joint undergraduate bachelor program.

Prof. Isabelle HUAULT, President of emlyon business school, and Prof. Jiecai HAN, President of Harbin Institute of Technology, delivered their warmest welcome speech. This historical moment of the strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony was witnessed by Dr. Olivier GUILLET, Associate Dean of International Affairs of emlyon business school, Prof. William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, Anne-Laure SCHWARTZ, Director of Quality,Accreditation and Ranking of emlyon business school, Hong LIU, Vice-President of HIT, Tao MA, Vice-dean of School of Management of HIT, Jian XIONG, Director of Office of Global Affairs of HIT, marking a memorable breakthrough in the development of Sino-foreign cooperation in education.

▲ Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between emlyon and HIT

The Signing Ceremony was chaired by Prof. Nikola ZIVLAK, Director of International Cooperation, Deputy Director of Undergraduate/Graduate Programs of emlyon business school Asia.

To pursue knowledge globally and create a model for undergraduate education

▲ Welcome Remarks from Prof. Isabelle HUAULT, Dean and President of Executive Board of emlyon business school

Upon the 150th Anniversary of emlyon business school, President Isabelle HUAULT attached great importance to the establishment of the strategic partnership between the two schools. She stated that the joint training bachelor program initiated by emlyon business school and Harbin Institute of Technology effectively expanded the width and depth of Sino-foreign cooperation in undergraduate education, with breakthroughs achieved through the resources sharing and strengths complementality.

President Isabelle HUAULT also emphasized that in the uncertain “post-pandemic era”, the world is faced with a subversion and restructuring of political, economic, scientific and cultural orders at an international level, and the new students shall be braver to push the boundaries of human knowledge, explore different disciplines, absorb the essence of domestic and foreign theories and practices so to become the leaders of their own generation in the new era.

The partnership between the world-renowned emlyon business school and Harbin Institute of Technology, a C9 key university in China known as the “cradle of engineers”, will undoubtedly advance the bilateral cooperation in discipline construction, talent cultivation, faculty exchange and high-level internationalization, building a comprehensive multi-disciplinary development model of “new engineering + new commercial education” , which will set up a new model for undergraduate education and value co-creation.

Integrating resources to cultivate the new generation of “early makers” for the world

President Jiecai HAN pointed out that in a world undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, the country needs development and progress, which is not only the common objective of both universities, but also the needs of the new era to cultivate a new generation of "early makers" elites who can adapt to complex environments and dare to make breakthroughs and innovation.

▲ Welcome Remarks from Prof. Jiecai HAN, President of Harbin Institute of Technology

The establishment of strategic partnership between emlyon business school and Harbin Institute of Technology is expected to complement both schools’ advantages in different fields, such as big data management and applied discipline. Through academic exchange mechanism, faculty and students of both schools can have more opportunities for in-depth communication and learning, further promoting the integration of the teaching resources and the cross-disciplinary researches with the goal of cultivating more leader talents with international perspectives and innovative spirits for China, France and the world.

President Jiecai HAN believes that the emlyon business school - Harbin Institute of Technology strategic cooperation will open a new chapter of cooperation and exchange in higher education between China and France, which will promote discipline construction, talent cultivation, faculty exchange and the internationalization of both sides, adapt to the new trend of international higher education development, make contribution to the building of a “global community of shared future for mankind”, and foster a growing number of  reliable cross-cultural talents for today's complex and changing international situations.

Under the witness of all guests, the Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between of emlyon business school and Harbin Institute of Technology came to a successful conclusion. Dr. Olivier GUILLET, Associate Dean of International Affairs of emlyon business school, delivered a closing speech. According to him, the development of Asia is a crucial part of emlyon business school’s international strategy. The establishment of emlyon business school - Harbin Institute of Technology strategic partnership is thus a milestone. We all expect that in the near future both schools can build an unique joint training model for professional engineering application disciplines, big data science and business management through integrating their respective advantages so to empower students and China’s and global economy.

▲ Closing Remarks from Dr. Olivier GUILLET, Associate Dean of International Affairs of emlyon business school

In fact, as a long-established elite business school in Europe, the 150-years-old emlyon business school, with persistent efforts in business education, bears the mission of creating “Early Makers” for the world, helps the elite leaders to perceive the opportunities of the times and create value for the society together.

emlyon business school counts now 8,900 students from 121 countries, with 35,700 alumni in more than 130 countries and regions, 7 global campuses located in Lyon, Shanghai, Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Paris, Bhubaneshwar and Mumbai, and has established close academic ties with 190 institutions of higher education worldwide. Since the establishment of its Asia campus in 2007, the past 15 years have witnessed how emlyon business school Asia takes root in the country and has influenced Asia. The diverse teaching and research programs forged together with Chinese higher education institutions have further contribute to the development of Chinese and French education.

Recently, with the aim to rank among the leading global business universities in Europe, emlyon business school has unveiled its “Confluences 2025” strategic plan, with a commitment to social and environmental issues, the pursuance of academic excellence and accelerated internationalization. Looking ahead, emlyon business school is always ready to stand by and witness the new generation of “Early Makers” in their transformation and growth, to foresee the future in uncertainty, to face challenges in an ever-changing environment, and to lead a solid global business education with an innovative spirit.