Retrospective on the Career Development of Distinguished MSc in Finance Graduates

Source:MSc in FinanceDate:2024-06-03

As one of the time-honored programs, MSc in Finance has been nurturing elite professionals in the financial industry since its inception. Students from diverse academic backgrounds and developmental paths come together here to delve deeply into their studies, aspiring to become financial elites with a global perspective.

As graduation season approaches, we are launching the "Graduation · Paradigm-shift " series of stories to review the career trajectories of these outstanding graduates. After graduating, they are experiencing a paradigm shift in professional approach, moving from an academic mindset to a corporate one.

Currently, some have already entered the workforce and are starting new chapters in their careers at globally renowned enterprises, demonstrating excellent performance and potential. Others, after obtaining PhD degrees, have dedicated themselves to academia, not only cultivating future talents in the academic arena but also contributing significant value to academia and financial practice with their profound insights and innovative ideas at the forefront of financial research. Please accept emlyon's best wishes for your bright future!