A unique Bachelor built on competence hybridization

The Bachelor of Arts in Acting & Entrepreneurship intimately connects the development of artistic skills, focused on acting on a movie set and in front of a camera, and the development of entrepreneurial competences in order to:

  • Give to the future artist-entrepreneurs a fine understanding of the rules of the game of the entertainment industry and its economic reality
  • Allow students to promote their artistic projects in an entrepreneurial perspective
  • Provide experience-based teachings via:
    -Artistic projects led in an entrepreneurial dynamic: from its origins to its pitch in front of the stakeholders.
    -Experience-sharing through conferences and debates, workshops, meet ups with professionals of the artistic world (theater, audiovisuals, ...) and entrepreneurs.
    -Development of soft skills common to actors and entrepreneurs (stress management, cross-cultural communication, collaborative approach...).
  • Support students in the construction of their professional project with coaching and pitching workshops, preparations of demo tapes, etc.
    Open them to digital technologies and to their transformation potential in both their entrepreneurial approach and their artistic performance.