Guide for application

High school diplomas issued by accredited education institutions outside France (IB or National Baccalaureate, GCE A-LEVELS ...)

Application procedures

We will have a comprehensive assessment against the applicant based on his/her high school courses and quality, academic

performance, English proficiency, digital test and interview.

Take the Digital test and interview
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1. Online Application:
  • Academic performance assessment: high school transcripts

  • Standard academic tests: college entrance examination, SAT, ACT, A-level, IB, AP,

  • English proficiency: official transcripts of TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS

  • Digital test and interview

  • Motivation letter

2. Take the digital test and interview:

Selection for the Global BBA is competitive. Enter emlyon business school via a full online admission test.You are first evaluated on the content and quality of your High School course work, your grades, your English proficiency. After successfully submitting your application online, you will then take our online admission test.

This last examination is made of tests and a setting of fictitious situations to evaluate your organizational, strategic and relational skills. All these tests aim at evaluating your potential as a manager.

3. How do the tests unravel?

First of all, you must find out what context you are presented with, and take over the role you are allotted to achieve a specific goal. The business, or association to be dealt with is introduced, along with the co-workers and the issue at stake. Business cases and tests are all fictitious.

4. Step 1: managing messaging

You are asked to manage e-messages and interact with several counterparts.

When you are asked a question, 2 actions are expected of you:

- Among the various options, select the answer which you find to be the most appropriate and slide it into the message thread.

- Delete the least appropriate answer. Messages all involve the context primarily explained.

5. Step 2: interactive meetings

You are asked to participate in 2 meetings: using avatars, you discuss with other participants who will share questions or issues. Select the answer among the multiple choices.


Application fee:120€

Tuition fees: Tuition fees including emlyon business school lifelong membership, administrative fees, and international mobility insurance.

For  2023 Intake

1) Enrollment fee:120€

2) Tuition fees in Shanghai: RMB 138,000 / year

3) Tuition fees in France: €12650 / year*3

Tuition fees including emlyon business school lifelong membership, administrative fees, and international mobility insurance.

Admission lasts for each August

More information about online application of the program:

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