1. Can students apply for emlyon’s BBA program without French background?

Students without French background may apply for the BBA program taught in English at the Paris campus.

2. Are there any dormitories in Paris campus?

emlyon Paris campus is located in downtown with convenient transportation and you may easily rent a student apartment around.

3. What are conditions for admission?

Digital test, language proficiency, interview, standard test scores (online test or college entrance examination of various

countries), educational information and usual academic performance.

4. Program features?
  • Quality 4-year bachelor courses

  • 50% courses are experiential learning

  • A learning model inspired by design thinking, developed with our engineering school partner, Centrale Lyon, and Saint-Etienne School of Mines
  • A cross-disciplinary learning approach that goes beyond the traditional areas of management and draws on the achievements and insights of business partners and experts
  • A first-class academic team comprising permanent professors and professionals from the business circles

  • 9 to 18 months of internship

  • Multiple courses available for students to arrange their own study paths

  • At least one year of international exchange experience

  • Exchange programs with over 50 international partner universities

  • Choice of up to 3 campuses in Shanghai, Saint-Étienne, Casablanca and Paris

  • The opportunity to get double degrees

5.What's the deadline for application?
By the end of each August.
6. What's the budget for emlyon Global BBA program?

It is a four-year program, with the annual budget of about RMB 150,000 to 200,000.

7. What's the proportion of China students in school?

About 10% ~15%