Good Business Common Initiative & Good Business Welcome Banquet

Source:Good Business CentreDate:2019-12-05

22 November, the Good Business Common Initiative and Good Business Welcome Banquet, launched by emlyon business school Good Business Center and hosted by Crystal Consult, was held successfully in Shanghai. emlyon business school professors and experts joined the guests from press in the discussion of the future of good business.

Launching Good Business Common Initiative to Build a New Benchmark of Business Civilization

In the 21st century, human being are undergoing profound social, economic and political changes in the course of a great transformation never seen in the past century. For more than a decade after the global financial crisis in 2008, few silver linings have been brought to the world despite of the multitude of the decisions and efforts of Western elites, and advanced technologies. The unilateralist (commercial) logic of some major powers makes global governance and economy more vulnerable.

However, the rise of the economic entities from the east (for example, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, India, Vietnam), though at different time and speed and of various volume but being collective in nature in their oriental style, brings more hope to the regional and global economy.

In this sense, we welcome and endorse the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, which was jointly signed by the CEOs of 181 US companies on August 19, 2019, and its new definition of the purpose of companies. The Statement marks a significant progress in the ideas and practices of American companies as it has internalized the legal practices into conscientious criteria and integrated the building of social community into corporate development.

▲ Professor William Hua WANG, associate dean of emlyon business school, dean of emlyon Asia made the statement on the Good Business Communities of Affinity.

Professor William Hua Wang, associate dean of emlyon business school and dean of emlyon business school Asia, said, “Today, we gather here to propose the good business common initiative to promote the dialogue between oriental business wisdom and excellent enterprises in other parts of the world, in the hope of generating more sparks of thinking to contribute the business civilization of human being.

In order to uphold our values and standardize the conduct of the community, we propose the following initiatives and commit to:

  1. Growing up together with employees, and paying attention to their family happiness and harmony.
  2. Better meeting the needs of customers, guaranteeing the quality of products, keeping improving user experience, and making a strong stand against producing inferior products that jeopardize the health of customers.
  3. Establishing a fair and mutual beneficial cooperation with partners across the industrial chain and promoting the industrial upgrading by orderly competing with, complementing and cooperating with industrial peers.
  4. Making contributions to social development by promoting the construction of communities.
  5. Generating long-term value for shareholders and enhancing the transparency in corporate management, and delegating managers the right to take responsibility for shareholders and other stakeholders.

emlyon Super Brains  Exchanging Insights to Prepare emlyon for Innovative Era

As a leading European business school with a history of 100 years, emlyon business school has always included the fulfilling of corporate social responsibility into its development strategies.  On the emlyon business school Expert Communication Meeting for Asian Brand Strategy, professors and brand experts expressed their views respectively. emlyon teachers of various projects all contributed to the discussion from multiple dimensions, such as brand diagnosis, brand tenets, brand communication etc.

The spirit of "early makers" advocated by emlyon business school is not only reflected in how to innovate the school itself and cultivate interdisciplinary talents under the rapid changing era, but also needs to be able to highlight, from the perspective of human destiny or higher missions, a more forward-looking life vision so to create a business school that can adapt to the age of innovation.