The Public welfare class of emlyon business school helps students in lockdown to shape a business perspective

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2020-04-03

The beginning of 2020 saw the spread of coronavirus, which stopped students from going back to schools. In order to shoulder its responsibility as an institution of higher learning, emlyon business school Asia pooled its academic resources and launched on-line public welfare courses. From 28 February to 13 March, professor Nikola ZIVLAK, Associate Professor Sai LAN, Professor Luk Ting Kwong, Professor Eric Bruzzone and Dr. Berard Axel developed 6 online courses, covering hot topics of innovative thinking, marketing, brand building, business globalization, international trade and cross-cultural communication. These courses have effectively helped isolated high school students to open up their horizons with a preliminary understanding of business. The average number of participants per class was 200 and the satisfaction rate reached 97%.