2021 emlyon business school Asia Academic Achievements

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2022-02-09

In the post-epidemic era, emlyon business school, with the “early makers”spirit in mind, has set the strategic goal of assuming social and environmental responsibility, refining its academic strength and accelerating its internationalization. In the VUCA year of 2021, emlyon business school has relentlessly develop its research in the fields of smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart cities, communication technology, human resources, and financial markets, and publish a series of white papers, research reports and ranking lists. The combination of academic strength and educational reputation has led emlyon business school to achieve greater influence at an international level.

2020 China's 49 Cities Smartness Ranking List & White Paper

Smart cities are a major opportunity for countries and cities around the world to seize the peak of information technology and achieve sustainable urban development. “2020 China's 49 Cities Smartness Ranking List & White Paper” has been jointly researched and published in March 2021 by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, emlyon business school, Hubei Provincial Key Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base - Modern Information Management Research Centre, and JNexperts.

The white paper is a collaboration between the research team of Prof. Lu Yaobin (Chief Scientist of major project of China National Social Science Foundation, Director of the Hubei Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base and Vice Dean of the School of Management of Huazhong University of Science and Technology) and the team of Professor Gong Yeming (Head of the School of Artificial Intelligence Management and Head of emlyon Global Business Intelligence Centre). The white paper is part of the research results of the National Social Science Foundation's major project "Research on Intelligent Social Governance Monitoring, Evaluation and Response Strategies based on Big Data" (18ZDA109). The white paper proposes a CSC assessment model for the wisdom of Chinese cities, with 6 primary indicators, 14 secondary indicators and 38 tertiary indicators, including smart infrastructure, smart livelihood services, smart security system, innovative development environment, smart governance, smart collaboration and participation, and a total of 49 cities in China's super tier 1, tier 1 and tier 2 cities were selected for assessment and ranking.

Survey Report on Consumers' Attitudes and Purchasing Behaviors towards Hong Kong brands in the Greater Bay Area

The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA) has commissioned Professor Luk Ting Kwong, Professor of Marketing at emlyon business school, and research team from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to conduct a survey on consumers' attitudes and purchasing behaviors towards Hong Kong brands in the Greater Bay Area between July and October 2020.

Interviews with over 1,700 consumers revealed that consumers in the Greater Bay Area are now more rational in their purchasing behaviors than before, especially among 'Generation Z' (i.e., born between 1995 and 2009), who are less loyal to brands and more focused on brand uniqueness and emotional value. Although Mainland consumers are less inclined to visit Hong Kong, they are more inclined to buy Hong Kong products in local cities, reflecting that Hong Kong brands can still explore certain business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.

2021 Global Employee Experience Trends Report

To help companies better understand the current situation of employee experience, grasp the changes in trends, design and implement employee experience in a practical way to promote optimization and improvement, emlyon business school and HRflag, a leading HR knowledge institution in China, jointly wrote and released the "2021 Global Employee Experience Trends" Report.

The report presents 7 cutting-edge insights in the areas of "deep evolution", "subtle diffusion", "vision integration", "behavioral design", "technology empowerment", "nodal response" and "boundary breaking" of employee experience and offers strategic recommendations.

The 2021 Country Attractiveness for Venture Capital and Private Equity Index Report

The "2021 Country Attractiveness for Venture Capital and Private Equity Index " report was designed and developed by emlyon business school in collaboration with the International Finance Centre of IESE Business School and eXapital. The Index and the report were written by Alexander Groh, Professor of Accounting and Corporate Finance at emlyon business school, Heinrich Liechtenstein from IESE Business School, Karsten Lieser from eXapital and Markus Biesinger, visiting researcher at IESE. This year, the index is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the research team plans to release a series of additional alternative investment indices covering real estate, infrastructure and impact investment.

Among the top 10, China, South Korea and France have made the most dazzling rise in the rankings by entering the top 10 for the first time. All of the top ranked countries, especially China, are expected to recover quickly from the recession caused by the COVID-19.

Global IPv6 and IPv6+ Development Report

October 21, 2021 emlyon business school and Roland Berger jointly released the "Global IPv6 and IPv6+ Development – Measurement and Analysis on Social and Economic Impact" Report to enhance public understanding of IPv6 and IPv6+ technologies and provide recommendations for policy makers. Professor Sai Lan is the leading contributor to the white paper on the emlyon side. From a macroeconomic perspective, IPv6 and IPv6+ can facilitate digital economy’s transformation, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthen social governance and support digital equality. The transition to IPv6 and IPv6+ is an important foundation for a country's digital economy development. In the past decade, various countries have already implemented initiatives to facilitate the Internet transition to IPv6. Major telecom operators, Internet content providers and equipment manufacturers across the industry have begun to actively embrace the technology wave of IPv6 and IPv6+, accelerating their path into the new digital world. It is now the best time to increase investments in IPv6 and IPv6+. Based on our empirical model estimates, every 10% increase in IPv6 deployment index will drive about 0.4% growth in GDP, and it is expected that by 2030 the total value of the industry from IPv6 and IPv6+ will reach $10.8 trillion.

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China’s Top 100 Intelligent Logistics Providers and Development and Trends of Intelligent Logistics Industry in China White Paper

December 17, 2021, emlyon business school, together with National Business Daily, JNexpert and emlyon alumni club digitization, jointly released “China's top 100 intelligent logistics providers and development and trends of intelligent logistics industry in China” at the 2021 China Digital Annual Conference.

emlyon Business Intelligence Center, Innovative Group Research Team of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (71821001), EU ERASMUS+ Project Team (2019-1-FR01-KA203-063063), Key International Cooperation Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (71620107002) jointly investigated nearly 100 logistics enterprises in China, studied the database of logistics related enterprises, and screened more than 3000 intelligent logistics related enterprises.

According to Prof. Gong Yeming, head of emlyon Business Intelligence Center, state-owned enterprises still dominate in smart logistics and central enterprises are taking the leading position among them.

China’s Top 100 Intelligent Manufacturers and Development And Trends of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry in China White Paper

December 17, 2021, emlyon business school, together with National Business Daily, JNexpert and emlyon alumni digitization club, jointly released the whitepaper “China’s Top 100 Intelligent Manufactures and Development And Trends of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry in China” at the 2021 China Digital Annual Conference.

The research team conducted field research and company visits in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, central China, North China, Bohai rim and other major areas of intelligent manufacturing.

From the perspective of industry distribution, the top 100 enterprises in intelligent manufacturing are mainly concentrated in the following industries: computer communication, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, general equipment manufacturing, railway, ship, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing. From the overall perspective of the list, except automobile enterprises, the second category of the top 25 are enterprises with information network technology or automation technology background which moved towards intelligent manufacturing.

The whitepaper report shows that in the future, the industrial intelligent platform will help the rapid implementation of intelligent manufacturing. In the future, the core industrial modelling, algorithmizing and codification will be oriented towards industrial scenarios, which can provide convenient development services for underlying applications.

2022 Top 50 HR Technology Companies in China Report

The “2022 Top 50 HR Technology Companies in China Report” is a joint study by emlyon business school and HRflag, a leading HR knowledge institution in China. The research report and list provide an authoritative guide and reference for HR managers, HR service industry practitioners, experts and investors to understand the trend of the HR technology industry through objective and rigorous research and evaluation process.