emlyon’s 150th Anniversary Gala Dinner was celebrated in Beijing

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2023-05-25

emlyon Asia Carnival 150th Anniversary Celebration

On May 19th, with the theme of "Creating the Future and Leading the Change of the World", emlyon Asia Carnival and emlyon’s 150th Anniversary Gala Dinner were celebrated in Beijing. Hundreds of emlyon faculty, students, alumni, business partners, cooperative schools and press guests all dressed up and recalled the glorious past and look forward to the innovative future.

This grand event was presided over by Bingsen Wang, Vice President and Secretary General of emlyon North China Alumni Association, Kejian Liu and Yishan Ma, Directors of emlyon North China Alumni Association, and Yu Lu, an alumnus of BUPT-emlyon GEMBA Program.

Dozens of guests from all over the world and hundreds of alumni from emlyon GEMBA, DBA, MBA and executive education programs dressed up to be part of the amazing moment, including Prof. Marc Daumas, Counselor at the French Embassy in China, Mr. Morgan Lefevre, General Manager of North China Branch of CCI France Chine, Mr. Christophe Marquis, Director of Acclime China, Ms. Dongmei Wu, Senior Vice President of Dell Global, Ms. Xiaokun Jia, Chairman of XY Academy, Mr. Sheng Wu, Founder of Yanmei B.U.S. and Executive Director of Gaoleng Sports, Mr. Kai Yin, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Overseas Study Service Branch of China Education International Exchange Association, Prof. Hua Lin, Advisor to Dean of emlyon business school, Mr. Haolong Fang, President of emlyon North China Alumni Association and Chairman of Beijing Chuangcache Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Xiaoguang Fan and Ms. He Zi, Co-founders of V MUSE, as well as valuable guests from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), Peking University, Tsinghua and other universities led by Peng Xu, President of Beijing Business School Basketball League, and representatives from East China Business School Basketball League, who expressed their sincere appreciation for emlyon’s achievements and forward-looking mindset.

The opening fashion show ignited the whole audience! Alumni presented their elegant demeanor and Early Maker spirit. Finally, the faculty team of emlyon business school, led by Prof. Isabelle HUAULT, Executive President and Dean of emlyon business school, Prof. Nicolas PEJOUT,Executive Board Member and Head of Strategy & Development of emlyon business school, came to the stage. Warm applause sounded at the scene!

With "2025 Convergence" Strategy implemented, emlyon Asia becomes the key powerhouse

With a dazzling opening show, the gala dinner officially kicked off. Prof. Isabelle Huault, Executive President and Dean of emlyon business school, appeared in the center of the stage and gave a wonderful speech, surrounded by emlyon Asia team and VIP guests.

"emlyon Asia has fully developed emlyon’s heritage of 'Early Makers', deeply rooted in progressive China and Asia, and achieved great innovations and breakthroughs in talent training, academic research, school-enterprise cooperation, and integration of industry, education and research," announced Prof. Huault, who set foot in China for the first time after a lapse of three years, which shows that she attaches great importance to this school celebration.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of emlyon business school and the 15th anniversary of emlyon Asia. Prof. Huault reviewed and summarized the evolution of emlyon and emlyon Asia. Today, emlyon has become a wonderful example for overseas institutions to develop in China! Prof. Huault fully affirmed that emlyon Asia has been moving forward steadily over the past 15 years and has implemented the three priorities of "2025 Convergence" Strategy, namely taking social and environmental responsibilities, improving academic strength and accelerating internationalization, which makes it the key powerhouse for emlyon’s growth.

Entrusted by Mr. Bertrand Lortholary, French Ambassador to China, Prof. Marc Daumas, Counselor at the French Embassy in China, delivered a speech on the spot. He stated that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and China in 1964, the two countries have continuously deepened exchanges and cooperation in various fields, with education as one of our most fundamental concerns. emlyon business school, is one of the top institutions of higher education in France and Europe and one of the oldest worldwide top business schools. Our main tool is called France Alumni and we invite you to register as soon as you get in touch with Campus France. But beyond that, we invite you all to take part in the cultural and scientific events of our French institutes in Beijing, Shanghai and in other cities in China.

▲ Prof. William Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon Asia

On behalf of emlyon and emlyon Asia, Prof. William Hua Wang expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the guests and alumni, and raised his glass to wish emlyon a successful sail in the next 150 years!

Singers from France brought beautiful toast songs to the site. With cheerful music, the whole audience raised glasses to celebrate, bless the present and look forward to the future.

After one month of careful preparation, emlyon alumni presented incredible talent shows, which would soon push the dinner to a climax!

▲ the drum show "Ignition China" of BUPT-emlyon GEMBA 2022 Autumn

▲ the class song "Autumn Fruit by  GEMBA 2021 Autumn

▲ The sand painting and poem recitation, "Meet Yourself in the Future", brought by GEMBA 2020 Spring

▲ a shocking performance with "Lonely Brave"by  GEMBA 2022 Spring

As the Winner of Six Prizes in This Year’s Gobi Desert Challenge, emlyon Continued to Shine from Generation to Generation

In the recently concluded 17th Gobi Challenge, emlyon Jiuwen Team completed the competition with all members, and won six prizes, including Shackleton Prize, Model Team Prize, Team Endeavour Prize, Loud Singers Prize, Excellent Public Welfare Project Prize (Capacity Building) and Public Welfare Action Prize. At the event site, emlyon specially prepared a celebration and award ceremony for these 50 “warriors”.

Mr. Jason Zhang, Director of Executive Education Programs (EMBA, MBA and EDP), presided over the Gobi Award Ceremony, who had participated nine times in Gobi Desert Challenges and led emlyon’s competitors to win a number of prizes.

Prof. Nicolas Pejout, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, presented prizes to the winners and witnessed this glorious moment together.

Prof. Isabelle HUAULT, Executive President and Dean of emlyon business school, presented Early Maker Prize, Digital Transformation Prize, Alumni Contribution Prize and Alumni Service Prize to several alumni.

Prof. William Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, presented prizes to outstanding alumni and corporate partners.

The second Beijing Business School EMBA Basketball League, the largest business school basketball competition in North China, will be hosted by emlyon business school this year. It is the top confrontation and focus competition among leading business schools in North China, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, CEIBS, CKGSB and BUPT!

With the passionate countdown at the scene, the second "Pass Down the Flame" Cup Beijing Business School EMBA Basketball League kicked off!