About the Centre

The Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry is a leading institution in the field of sport, and is engaged in the delivery of cutting-edge research, impact and education. Based in Shanghai, the centre operates across emlyon business school’s campuses in Paris, Lyon, Saint Etienne, Bhubaneswar and Casablanca. We have a particular expertise in European and Asian sport, as well as in the fields of experiences, talent, performance, digitalisation and globalisation.

Centre Mission

To become a global leader in the provision of sports industry research, impact activity and education

Key Propositions

  • A Eurasian focused research centre located within one of the world’s best business schools
  • Operating at the intersection of Asia and Europe to deliver research, impact and education from the frontline of global sport
  • Has a membership drawn from academia and practice, of which most are internationally recognised experts in their respective fields

Our Work

The Centre is engaged in delivering:

  • Research, both academic and applied
  • Education, training and development
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Expert insights
  • Seminars, conferences and other events

Location of the Centre

The Centre is based at emlyon’s campus in Shanghai

It maintains additional facilities in Paris, Lyon, Saint Etienne, Bhubaneswar and Casablanca