Underpinning Focus

The Centre’s work is broadly undertaken in the following areas:


Embracing the creation, delivery and management of sports in ways that add value to multiple stakeholders


Embracing the acquisition, retention and development of entrepreneurial and managerial talent


Embracing the management and evaluation of sustainable performance that enables sports organisations to achieve their goals


Embracing the development and utilisation of technologies that enable new ways of delivering sport to be realised


Embracing the management of sport in territories across Europe and Asia, notably in East Asia, the Middle East and South Asia

Key Principles

The Centre’s work is based upon adherence to the following principles:

  • Innovation
  • Managerial effectiveness
  • Commercial development
  • Co-creation

Scope of Work

The Centre’s activities cover the following areas of sport:

  • Athletes and teams
  • Brands, commercial partners and sponsors
  • Digital, social and e-sports
  • Economic and industrial strategies
  • Mega-events and tournaments
  • Fans and customers
  • Governing bodies and representative associations
  • Governments and state entities
  • Leagues and competitions
  • Manufacturers and suppliers
  • Spaces, places and nations
  • Belt and Road Initiative