Advisory Board Member

( The following list of experts is sorted alphabetically )

Dai Zhixiang

Chief Operating Officer of COOKOO Technology

Mr. Dai was appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of COOKOO Technology in September 2016, in charge of its strategy, marketing, investment, financing and human resources management. The company was the first to launch the centralized computing domain controller architecture for automobiles and is also the first Chinese brand that boasts the revenue exceeding RMB100 million from mass production of intelligent driving systems and has doubled its revenue and net profit for consecutive years. Prior to this, Mr. Dai was the founding CEO of Zhichelian, committed to the construction of connected car infrastructures, which received a special grant from Shenzhen Municipal Government. From 2005 to 2014, he held a variety of executive positions at the information industry arm of Huaqiang Industrial Co., Ltd., including COO.

As the forerunner of intelligent connectivity and automatic driving, Mr. Dai has specialized in the field of automotive intelligence for more than a decade and has filed more than 20 patents based on continuous innovation. He holds a Master in Business Administration from Peking University, is a special guest speaker of PKU HSBC MBA Program, Fellow of Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Research Institute and a winner of “Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award”.

GU Shishan

General Manager of Business Development, IBM China Software Development Laboratory

Mr. Gu serves as the General Manager of Business Development in IBM China Software Development Laboratory, responsible for expanding the in-depth cooperation between IBM'sLuban Project and domestic enterprises and platform vendors, etc. He helps enterprises to upgrade their digital transformation with the technology and practice of planning, building, operating and maintenance of PaaS technology platform at enterprise level.

Mr.Gu Shishan is in charge of  business development of IBM multicloud, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Paks, as well as the innovative solutions based on Luban project. The key development industry is manufacturing industry, Including automotive, mechanical engineering, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transit etc., among which the industrial Internet of things is the most important research area, including manufacturing enterprises operations, aftermarket, and super-ecology system construction etc.The EcoCloud platform is a platform focusing hybrid cloud technology.

HU Xinchun

Consulting Partner,Deloitte Consulting ( Shanghai ) Co Ltd' Dean of 5G Next Generation Application Academy, Deloitte Consulting ( Shanghai ) Co Ltd

Dr. Hu Xinchun has nearly 30 years of working experience in e-commerce, business process optimization, information system planning and implementation consulting and project management. In the ERP era, Dr. Hu has made outstanding achievements in business process optimization, system solution design, system implementation, and ERP project management. He has participated in or led the implementation of more than 30 projects involving various industries and fields. In the post-ERP era, he actively participates in planning, construction, implementation, and supervision of enterprise e-commerce systems, assists enterprise informatization in the integrated development of "back-office, middle-office, and front-office", actively explores how to transplant "Internet genes" into traditional Enterprise business, and promotes the digital transformation of traditional industries in the era of mobile Internet.

LI Bing

Partner of Roland Berger; Head of Information Technology, High Tech and Internet,Greater China; Director of Shanghai AI Industry Association

Dr. Li Bing is currently leading the Roland berg High-Tech and Internet Industry Center in Greater China, with years of experience of scientific research, strategic consulting and science and technology entrepreneurship in Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Li Bing is currently leading the Roland Berger‘s High-Tech and Internet Industry Center in Greater China, with years of experience of scientific research, strategic consulting and sci-tech entrepreneurship in Artificial Intelligence.

At Roland Berger, Dr. Li Bing has helped many enterprises around the world in strategic, business and digital planning, including Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, Bytedance, SenseTime, OPPO, Xiaomi, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Nvidia, etc., and many traditional enterprises to think about the implementation and application of innovative technologies.

Wang Jing

Chairman of Macrolink Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang’s prior appointments include the head of the investment arm of a major central SOE, Head of Investment and M&A of Gome Holding Group and Vice president and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Zhongguancun as a listed company.

Over the past 24 years, Mr. Wang has been focusing on investment, covering futures, securities secondary markets, IPO, mergers and acquisitions, PE, strategic investment and industrial investment. Familiar with consumer retailing, medicine and healthcare, cultural tourism and other industries, his current interest concentrates on ABC (artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing), which are embedded into traditional industries to translate into scenario-based and viable consumption upgrading and industrial upgrading projects. In the course of career development, he has partnered with several academicians to drive the commercialization of scientific and technological findings. At present, the operations involve intelligent manufacturing, smart marketing, smart attraction management, Internet of Things Internet of Things and other AI-enabled domains.

Mr. Wang holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Peking University, a Master's Degree in Management from the International Business School of the University of International Business and Economics, and CPA qualification. He is also qualified as secretary of the board of directors, independent director, securities broker and fund manager.

WAT Kwok Leung, Jefferson

President of SME Global Alliance

An over 40-year veteran with software development & management experience on large scale information technology systems, who had worked for IBM, Renful Computer, Jardine Logica, Unisys (Sperry), etc. Jefferson has been a technological pioneer & serial entrepreneur in Hong Kong. Renful Chinese Computer was one of the very first Chinese computer vendors in greater China region back in 1983. Designed & developed a 112-line computerized fax system in 1988 with some American partners in Hong Kong.  Later, got a Venture Capital fund to lift the product to a new level. Started an ISP operation in late 1995, pioneered the development of a Bilingual Search Engine in 1996, and entered the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park in 1997.  Secured another venture fund in 1999 to help preparing for the GEM listing on the HK Stock Exchange. Got into the Science Park again with a mobile POS using Palm OS in 2000 after the Internet bubble burst. Since then, Jefferson has been focusing on IT Applications for SME, Retail Solutions, E-Marketing, Open Source, Software Quality, Information Security, and Cloud Computing. Have been a CMMI (US NASA adopted Software Quality standard including Software Development Security Risk Management and Assessment Measures) Consultant since 2002, and involved in preparing Legal Expert Report for the court case DCCJ 2307/2007 on software implementation & IT outsourcing service quality issues from the user perspectives. Have been serving as a mentor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in various institutes including the Pre-Incubation Centre of CUHK, HKUST, HKU, and so on.

Ye Wangchun

Co-Director, Business Intelligence Center
Chairman & CEO of OneConnect

Born in 1955, Dr. Ye holds a PhD in Management and Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He took a number of executive positions at the People's Bank of China and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, in addition to Party Secretary and General Manager of Huaxia Bank Head Office, Vice President of Ping An Bank, Vice President of Shenzhen Development Bank and Acting President of Ping An Bank. Since August 2016, Dr. Ye has served as Chairman and CEO of OneConnect.

OneConnect is a leading technology service cloud platform dedicated to the industry chain of China’s financial sector, in which it has leveraged world-class technologies including artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain. It has more than 3,070 patents, both filed and pending, at home and abroad and has won 15 international awards, ranging from IDC Global Blockchain Award and BAI Global Insurance Certification Award to the 1st prize of OMG Micro Expression Competition and No. 11 of KPMG Global Financial Technology Top 100 in 2018. OneConnect has provided services to all major banks in China, including over 600 banks and more than 80 insurers.

Zhang Zhenkun

Chairman of Guangdong Xinwei Group

Dr. Zhang focuses on real estate investment, development and commercial operation management. He served as a senior executive at Evergrande Real Estate, Star River Group, Kingold Group and K. Wah Group. Dr. Zhang has extensive experience in real estate investment, development, operation management and other fields.

Dr. Zhang holds a Doctor in Global Business Administration from emlyon business school, a master's degree from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and a Master in Business Administration from Lingnan College, Sun Yat-Sen University.