Underpinning focus

The Centre’s work focuses on following areas:

  • Joint intelligence.
    The objective of the center is to support the new strategy of emlyon in joint intelligences, with academic and industrial influences in collaborative intelligence with humans and AI as joining forces for management.
  • Performance
    Embracing the management and evaluation of sustainable performance that enables organisations to achieve their goals via Intelligence for Management. An objective of research center is to utilize the financial, human, and social resources in Asia, to reach academic, financial, and social objectives, and further to support the priority of performance strategy.
  • Digitalisation
    Studying the development of exponential technologies and the utilisation of Intelligence for Management. The theme of the research center is joint intelligence for digitalisation. This research center can conduct cutting-edge academic research and develop high-quality and innovative business education in digital revolution to support the priority of digitalization strategy.
  • Globalisation
    Researching Intelligence for Management in territories across Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The advisors, partners, members of the center are from France, China, USA, Netherlands, and Canada. This research center can optimally utilize global resources to support the priority of globalisation strategy.

Key principles

The Centre’s work is based upon adherence to the following principles ICSC:

  • Innovation
    The center is dedicated to understanding the true nature of Intelligence for Management and how it innovatively benefits academia, industries, and society.
  • Creation
    The center examines how Intelligence for Management creatively advances human potential, organization productivity, and social opportunity, how Intelligence for Management creates new business models, and creatively makes contribution to theories and practices of Intelligence for Management.
  • Sustainability
    With joint intelligence in mind, we contributes to not only to business development, but also to the prosperity of academy and society, and the welfare of humanity.
  • Cooperation
    Based on the essence of interdisciplinary research, we are open-minded and cooperated with academics and practitioners in different fields.

Scope of work

The Global Intelligent Management Industry Center will cover the following domains:

1. Research

  • Develop research projects with leading Chinese Universities (e.g., ECNU, CEIBS, Fudan, HUST, XJTU, TJU). We have already cooperated with CEIBS, Fudan, HUST, XJTU (Jiaotong in Xi’an), Tianjin University, and Wuhan University for over 10 years in researching.
  • Seeking scientific grants in China central government, national ministries and Shanghai government, to get supports from NSFC, NSSC, and CSC.
  • Continuously output A-level publication with both interesting academic contribution and valuable industrial impacts.
  • Build seminars and conference platforms to support emlyon researching systems.

2.  Education

In the short term, we will

  • Support emlyon DBA program in workshop and training. The center can provide training and workshop in methodology.
  • Education and advice. The center can provide advisors and education to DBA candidates.
  • Teaching. The center can provide classes and lessons to DBA candidates.
  • Seminar. The center can organize academic seminars and industrial talks to DBA candidates.
  • Support current EDP programs

In the long run, we will develop

  • Develop new executive projects in AI, Fintech, Healthcare, IT, Operations, and Supply Chain Management and Predictive Analytics. The examples include Executive education program « Chief Operating Officer (COO)», « Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Information Officer(CIO)», <>, « Leadership in Operations», « Leadership in Era of Big Data and AI», « Business Models in New Retailing», « Leadership with Digitalisation and Operations», and  « Leadership in Industrial Internet of Things», <>, <>, <>.
  • Develop MSc projects in AI, IT, Operations, Marketing,  Supply Chain Management, Finance, Insurance, and Healthcare Management

3. Entrepreneurship

  • Being an early maker in entrepreneurship and enterprise incubation innovation.
  • Develop company projects (consulting, design, planning) in the interface of « IT/AI and Management Science », including

- Industry 4.0,

- IoT,

- IT-enabled Operations Strategy,

- AI-enabled Business Models,

- Big-data driven logistics,

- Green supply chain,

- IT-enabled new retailing,

- Smart City management,

- E-commerce,

- Smart Marketing