About the Centre

The Business Intelligence Center (BIC) is a leading multidisciplinary institution in the field of human and machine intelligence for business, and is engaged in the delivery of cutting-edge research, impact and education.  In the era of the digital economy, we explore how to integrate exponential techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, edge computing, quantum computing, and the Internet of things (IoT) with management study to create new business and social values. Furthermore, we consider “converging paradigms for intelligence in brains, minds, and machines” and collaborative intelligence with humans and AI as joining forces to support “joint intelligence” in “The early makers 2023 strategic framework” for EMLYON.

Based in Shanghai, the centre operates across emlyon business school’s campuses in Paris, Lyon, Saint Etienne, Bhubaneswar, and Casablanca. We have a particular expertise in Intelligence for Management, with capabilities to improve joint intelligence, digitalisation, performance, and globalisation.

Center Mission

Business Intelligence Center (BIC)  will become a global leader in Intelligence for Management, with significant impacts on research, education, and industrial development;, and strategic fit to joint intelligence, digitalisation, performance, and globalisation strategies of emlyon business school.


The centre’s competences are:

Emphasize the development of new generation of AI, to consider human-centred intelligence and trustworthy AI, and  collaborative intelligence with humans and AI as joining forces to support “ joint intelligence strategies

Conduct multi- and inter-disciplinary collaboration in AI, data science, business analytics, economics, edge computing, decision sciences, marketing, operations research, organization behaviour, psychology, econometric analysis, information systems, and production and operations management to empower a new generation of leaders

Globally operate in Asia, Europe, America and Africa to deliver research, impact and education from the frontline of Intelligence for Management

A global research centre located within one of the world’s best business schools

Include internationally recognised experts from academia and practices, to provide industrial support to academic research and business application to industries.

Location of the Centre

The Centre is based at emlyon’s campus in Shanghai

It maintains additional facilities in Paris, Lyon, Saint Etienne, Bhubaneswar and Casablanca