Academic expertise

Among the Centre’s members, the following are areas of particular expertise:

  • AI and logistics/SCM, including integration research between facility logistics and big data, automated facility management, robotic warehousing, warehouses for online retailers, big data and inventory location optimization for online retailers, facility planning for online public storage warehouses, supply chain models with advance demand information for online retailers,  clickstream big data and system integration for online retailers, carbon emission reduction and green supply chain coordination, compact automated parking systems, robotic mobile fulfillment system, and automated storage and retrieval systems.
  • AI and operations strategy, including interface research between  information systems and operations strategy, big data capacity and operational flexibility, IT-enabled sustainable operations, joint inventory and rationing decisions in reward-based crowdfunding, the role of AI in green supply chain, and the role of IT in a socially sustainable supply chain.
  • AI and manufacturing, including IT- Enabled intelligent manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, national manufacturing strategy, IT and productivity, shared economy, dynamic lot-sizing models for retailers with online channels, and dynamic lot-sizing models with pricing for new products.
  • AI and service operations, including interface research between IT and service strategy, stochastic service systems based on priority queueing systems,  AI-based service operations, quality and user experiences of AI-based smart products and service, users resistance and mobile application, customers recommendation and brand app, the impact of social identification and distinctiveness on gift-giving behavior on social live-streaming services, IT service and the role of mindfulness.
  • AI and project management, including big-data-based project management, AI-based project management, and diversity in online collaboration in project management, online project management in game development community.
  • DEA-based performance evaluation on information or operations systems, including DEA-based approach for competitive environment analysis in global operations strategies, DEA-based models for sustainable operations for efficiency, DEA-based models for information systems, DEA-based performance evaluation models for AI-based logistics systems,  DEA-based performance evaluation models for big-data-based logistics systems, DEA-based performance evaluation models for smart products and service.
  • Trustworthy and explainable AI, developing trustworthy and explainable AI that enhances individual and societal well-being by following the principles of respect for human autonomy, prevention of harm, enabling fairness and transparency, and avoiding discriminations.
  • Digital innovation and scientific discovery, with machines generating new knowledge and making scientific discoveries.
  • Collaborative intelligence, exploring the origin of intelligence from the collaborations between humans and machines, and between machines.
  • Augmented platform ecosystems, incorporating automatic augmented analytics and computational intelligence including data discovery capabilities, natural language query and narration, business process management, process mining and data science.
  • Customer-Centric Computing for Financial Services, a new business model: O2O (online-offline) with B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumers), addressing whom, how, when and what to target at individual customer level with the goal of maximizing customers’ lifetime values, and bringing together project leaders, creators, retailers, SMEs, as well as investors, individuals or professionals.
  • Smart city services, with advanced AI technologies for city management, resource planning and services.
  • AI for precision health, predicting, preventing and treating diseases precisely using AI to improve healthcare management.

Research, impact, education

The Centre undertakes the following types of work:

  • Research: To conduct academic research, with continuous publication in high-level academic journals or influential books.
  • Education: To develop and support executive, graduate, and doctoral education. In the short term, we support DBA and EDP programs. In the long term, we will develop graduate programs and executive programs.
  • Impact: To achieve excellence in academic, financial and social impacts for emlyon Shanghai.